Day 5: Shy

"The toothbrush clattered as she dropped it into the sink. Clutching at the white stone until she found some support, Lucy let out shaky, fast breaths. His face had disappeared behind her back, where he was trailing kisses along her spine, and his hands were dangerously close to the aching heat between her legs…"

Let me appreciate some things about NaLu

  • his trust in lucy which is mutual and beautiful
  • his nervousness and worry even though he knows lucy is strong
  • his willingness to listen to her plea even though she is at a big disadvantage
  • his rage for seeing her hurt
  • his limit and rush of the need to aid her
  • how important she is to him even if he is fighting friends he will because ‘touch a hair atop my bae head and i will turn you to ashes’ (true quote/semi true/ very close but we all know it was basically this he said to hugh)
  • the non awkward bridal carry
  • basically the original team natsu is the best and nalu is the cutest most wonderful relationthing