rose tattoo// punk l.h. pt.2

pairing: tattoo artist luke+reader

word count: 1.8k

(a/n):damn this was highly requested. sorry for the wait and I’ll stop talking rn so you guys can read and have punk!luke feels. x there’s smut at the end too

part one


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  Taking a long drag of his cigarette, he pressed his pen hardly against the surface of the white paper. He ran his fingers through his blonde lock, sighing as no new designs for the shop were coming to him. Black rose petals kept flashing before his eyes, even though he had no connection to the girl.

“Come on Luke,” he chastised himself, rubbing his tired blue eyes. He hadn’t been able to sleep, the lonely apartment seeming to mock him. At three in the morning, sketching seemed like the only valid thing to do. A red bull in hand, he took a certain brown eyed girl as an inspiration and got to work, mind racing with many possibilities.


Déjà vu hit the brown haired girl as she was faced the familiar door to “Try Hard Tattoo and Piercing,”

Luke had scared her by saying that there were going to be three needles instead of one. Y/N had dreaded coming to the shop, but a part of her wanted to see the gorgeous tall blonde and familiar blue eyes again.

As she walked in, Calum was sitting behind the front desk on the phone. He had added more blonde highlights to the tips of his hair, which somehow complimented his tattoos.

He sent a small smile to Y/N and motioned for her to finish talking.

“You’re going to have to manage your part someday. It’s not gonna cut it if you don’t feel like it,” Y/N heard a snippet of the conversation Calum was having on the phone. He curtly hung up the phone and returned his attention to her.

“Sorry about that,” Calum apologized, scratching the back of his neck, showing off his inked arms. “Luke’s had a last minute emergency, so he’s not able to be here today,” he lied. The sound of a tattoo gun at work radiated throughout the parlor, making Y/N cringe. It was past 8, the sky now dark and covered with clouds.

“Oh…” Y/N trailed off not knowing what to say, clutching her phone in her hands.

“Michael’s available today,” Calum offered. “Or if not, you could come back another time?”

That couldn’t work out for Y/N, her heart plummeting. She was leaving Sydney in a week to go back home and it just wouldn’t work out.

“Nah, that’s fine.” Y/N assured, putting on a small smile. “I’ll go with Michael,then,”

“Sweet,” Calum responded, glad she was a understanding client. “Let me take you to the back,”

Y/N complied, following him to the oddly familiar walls of the vast tattoo shop. This time she sat inside inside a different room, the walls adorned with various metal and rock band posters that Y/N had never heard of.

“Michael will be with you in a few. Thanks for being patient, sweetie,” Calum thanked, making Y/N blush.

“No worries,” she shyly laughed. Calum had left her to herself and passed the time shortly waiting for the red head she had saw on her previous visit.

“Hey,” The man’s quirky voice greeted. “I’m Michael,”

The read head was wearing a a ripped band tee and of course, black skinny jean with combat boots. His emerald eyes glimmered under the dim lighting, and eyebrow piercing completing the look. He only had a full sleeve of black ink on one arm, leaving the other one have a few colorful tattoos.

“I’m Y/N,” she introduced herself shyly messing with the ends of her shorts.

“So you’re getting the tattoo shaded, right?” Michael asked, gathering the necessary supplies and tools.

“Yeah,” She confirmed, intently looking at Michael. Putting on a black pair of gloves, he asked her to take off her top so he could get to work.

Soon enough, the anxiety had built up in her stomach, not ready to face the pain. Her black bandeau made her feel revealed, but she had to get it done someday. Quickly, Michael told her what he was going to do and how the procedure for finishing the tattoo went.

The distant noise of the tattoo gun was now louder than ever. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see the multiple needles bobbing up and down.  

Without a warning, Michael pierced the skin, the ink injecting beneath the surface. Y/N cursed under her breath as a burning sensation made her skin feel like it was on fire.

"You okay?" He questioned, feeling her uneasiness.

"Y-yeah. I’m fine," Y/N assured, balling her hands in tight fists. Trying to get her mind off of the pin, she tried talking to Michael.

"So how long have you been doing this?" She asked out of curiosity. 

"For a couple of years," he answered. "We were all a couple of rejects, I guess, so after high school opening up a ink shop seemed like the best thing to do," 

"That’s very cool," Y/N laughed. The group of boys seemed to get on pretty well and were making more than enough cash. 

"I’m not sure what’s up with Luke today," The red head began in a conversation. "He’s probably fucking around with that bitch. Luke calls her up every time he can’t find a girl to fuck ," Michael laughed, continuing to glide the ink gun underneath the rose petals.

Unfazed, Luke silently watched the two from the door. His hair was made into a perfect quiff, dark eye circles underneath his sapphire eyes. Luke was sporting a tight grey band tee with holes scattered around the fabric and skinny jeans with a huge rip across the knees.

Luke cleared his throat, Y/N’s heart beat quickening at his presence. She noticed a part deep purple love bite that his shirt didn’t cover at the base of his neck, making her heart drop. Michael whipped his head to peer at Luke.

"Look who decided to show up," He taunted, pausing to wipe the excess ink off of the tattoo.

"I got it from here," Luke’s raspy voice commanded, dismissing Michael’s last comment. "You could take the rest of day off," 

"You didn’t have to come so early, Luke," Michael raised an eyebrow, standing up from his chair and left without saying another word. Y/N awkwardly sat still not knowing what to do.

"Nice to see you again babe," Luke smoothly chatted her up, inspecting the tattoo where Michael had left off.

"Do you talk to every girl that has a pulse like that? Or…?" Y/N caught him of guard as he put on a pair of black latex gloves. Luke raised an eyebrow, knowing what was going on.

"Michael can be a dick sometimes," He muttered, turning the tattoo gun to life. Y/N didn’t stay silent for long, biting down on her lip.

"I could’ve given you a better hickey than that," she countered, as the harrowing needles pricked her skin once again.

"We’ll find out later, yeah?" Luke his deep voice whispered in her ear, creating goosebumps on her arms. "Never knew your pretty little mouth could speak like that,"

Y/N couldn’t form a coherent sentence as her mind was spinning with a new era of scenarios that could happen between them, the latter turning out to be unfortunate.

"Have you lost your voice, baby?" Luke smirked, quickly starting to work on the lower part of the rose stem, applying his "magical" touch on it.

"It’s nice to get your feet on the ground sometimes," She rolled her eyes, fixing her messy bun. "Babe," she added to her statement.

"Is my little "Ms. All American" getting hungry for some attention?" Luke chuckled, mostly as his little pun that he got from a song that Calum had wrote when they were teenagers.

"Fuck you," Y/N mumbled, resting her head in her hands.

"You wish,"


Insults, witty remarks, suggestive phrases, and Australian profanities; these hadn’t stopped until Luke was happy with the overall outcome of Y/N’s tattoo. Even though Luke didn’t want to admit it, Y/N was one of his clients that had brought a smile to his face, lighting up his dull blue eyes. Her cheesy puns making him chuckle and his suggestive pick up lines intertwining into a unique conversation.

"Fuck, it’s amazing," Y/N exclaimed, her eyes growing bigger as she awed at the rose gracefully inked on her back in the mirror. (based off of this) 

"It has to be because I’m the one who did it," Luke peered at her reflection in the mirror, the fact that she was wearing a bandeau making everything harder.

"Can I take a picture of it?" He asked, taking out his phone, expectantly looking at her brown eyes.

"Of course," she softly smiled, turning around so her back was faced towards Luke. He took short strides, gently brushing out the stray hairs away. Luke’s cold inked hands once again did not fail in making her nervous, her breath hitching in her throat. 

"There," He said to himself, quickly snapping a perfect photo of the rose. Skillfully, Luke put the protective ointment on the fresh ink and sealed it with a bandage.

"Does your offer still stand?" She asked looking down, referring to their previous conversation.

"Let’s go to my car," Luke bit down on his lip ring. "No one’ll disturb us there," he mentioned, referring to how many people were surrounding the two in the shop.


Moans and discarded clothes filled the back of Luke’s brand new black Camaro. He hungrily attacked her body, teeth biting down on her heat, inked arms holding down her hips.

"Fuck," Y/N whimpered. "Luke… I can’t come again," she whimpered. Luke had taken her to the highest she’s ever been, her legs aching from his rough behavior a few moments ago. His massive length made her feel pure bliss, the Sydney night sky crating a shadow in the car.

"Come for me baby girl," Luke purred, trying to find a comfortable position in the cramped backseat so he wouldn’t hurt Y/N or her new tattoo.

Letting go, his darkened eyes peered at the girl in front of him. She wasn’t the type of girl he’d usually go for but he was willing to take a chance and was satisfied with the brown eyed girl.

Y/N had kept true to her words and gave him several dark purple love bites on his torso and a few under his neck. Cheekily, she clambered onto his hot and sweaty body, Luke protectively wrapping his tattooed arms around her laying on the backseat. He kissed the top of her messy post sex hair, a huge grin on her face.

"Who knew that the pretty little mouth of your could do such dirty things?" Luke’s voice mumbled. "We should do that more often,"

"Luke?" Y/N’s soft voice rang out.

"What’s on your mind, baby?"

"I’m going back home in a few days,"


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