Biraz yorgunum..
Biraz kırgın..
Biraz da kirletti sensizlik beni !
Nasıl iyi olunur henüz öğrenemedim ama
İyiyimler” yamaladım dilime…

Imagine you’re a competitive player filling 15+ boxes for that one 6 IV shiny Pokemon you really, really want. It’s been MONTHS can you still haven’t gotten it yet.  Finally, you get that special egg—the one that has finally rid you of your final burden.  The last egg.  It hatches.  It’s SHINY. You jump for joy in pure excitement for the shiny you tried so hard to get—but WAIT! You need to check its IVs first. You fly immediately to The Judge and have him take a look at your pokemon.  Your heart is pounding, your fingers are crossed.  Slowly, he says “Your pokemon has outstanding potential.  Its HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed can’t be better in that regard.”  Quickly, you save your game 10x. Your heart is beating so fast. You can’t contain your excitement, you go to look at your precious Pokemon one more time and then you see it.

You feel like choking. Surely, there must have been some mistake, right? You go to check it again. Your hands are shaking and you feel nauseous when you read it once more. You can’t deceive yourself any longer. It’s nature was hindering. You done forgot to give the parent Pokemon an Everstone. At this point you feel so sick you just can’t even bear to look at the thing anymore.

—The closest example one could ever describe of how Flatt Escardos’s parents must have felt.