January 23, 2012- Egypt has opening session for first freely elected Parliament in six decades. After 84 years in the shadows of monarchy and dictatorship, the Brotherhood — the secretive, hierarchical once-militant group that became the fountainhead of Islamist ideologies — gained political power and the hope of democratic legitimacy as a result of Monday’s vote. The vote was an especially powerful reminder of how far the country has come in a year, as Wednesday January 25th, marked the one year anniversary of last years uprising. 

Food Safety News Interviews FDA Deputy Chairman Michael Taylor on the Food Safety Modernization Act Part 1 of this interview highlights some of the challenges facing the FDA, one year after Obama signed the FSMA into law. The basic aim of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA),  signed into law by President Obama  on January 4th of last year,  is  to ensure the safety of the U.S. food supply by shifting the focus of federal regulators from response to contamination to prevention. 


The most serious flaw is the profound disconnect be¬tween the rhetoric about major improvements in food safety and the complete absence of new resources to walk the talk. For example, FDA is required to do 600 foreign facility audits next year and to double the number of audits every year for five years. The FDA has admitted this is completely impossible. As Peter Hutt, the dean of American food law lawyers, has recently observed: “The lack of reality in the statute is staggering.”

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Damn Skippy: Beware the high price of tainted foodstuffs
  • 2 Skippy peanut butter styles recalled for potential Salmonella poisoning source

» Step away from the jar: The hazardous brands being recalled are “Skippy Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter,” and “Skippy Reduced Fat Super Chunk Peanut Butter,” as distributed in 16.3 ounce jars across the following sixteen states: Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin. Though no illnesses have yet been tied to this recall, you can never be too careful when Salmonella is involved. This is the latest in a recent string of high profile food recalls, which helped generate momentum for last year’s Food Safety Modernization Act. The FSMA introduced a host of regulatory updates to a system that had, to that point, been largely unchanged for generations.

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It is quite possible, perhaps even most probable, that the FSMA [Food Safety Modernization Act] is designed to halt the growing trend of small organic farms – not through a direct, frontal assault on organic farming, but rather by insidiously creating rules and laws that make it extremely difficult, and incredibly expensive, for small farms to comply.
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Are you one of those people who likes to eat locally grown food, maybe from the market, in a restaurant, through WIC, or at school?  Maybe you have hung out with the people who grow your food.  Maybe you haven’t.  It does’t matter - what matters is your access to that food is currently being threatened.  

The FDA has proposed new rules for food safety that, rightly so, are intended to keep consumers and farm workers safe.  The rules are part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA.)The only problem is, the new rules don’t do that.  The FDA has little to no previous experience regulating agriculture-related activities…and it shows.  So they are accepting comments from farmers, workers, community gardeners, consumers, etc.

Go to the Nation Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s website to learn more about the proposed rules, how they will affect your food and farmer, and how to submit a comment.  The FDA is looking for feedback so NOW is the time to give it!  The deadline is November 15th.  But don’t wait.  Seriously.  Our farms depend on it.  And so does my new business.  For really.**

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**The costs will be to high to start the business if the proposed rules are adopted.

Small Farmers have heretofore been exempt from The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 (FSMA). The FDA is now proposing rules that would make it very easy for the agency to force small-scale farmers to comply with the regulations of this act which could drive them out of business. The small farm exemption, called the Tester-Hagan amendment, is essential to the continued vitality of the local foods movement. Sign this letter to help protect vulnerable small farms from this attack: http://bit.ly/sign-the-tester-hagan-letter

Raw figs, with 5 million hits, and raw kale with 9 million hits, topped the items I entered, but there were still several hundred thousand entries for raw brussels sprouts and raw eggplant,“ said Jean Halloran, the director of food policy initiatives at Consumers Union, who through the FDA’s exemption in the FSMA was a little shortsighted in terms of what foods are often not consumed raw. “I would therefore suggest to the FDA that they exclude from the produce rule, only those items that are generally not eaten raw because they are or can be toxic if uncooked.
—  Parsing through the Food Safety Modernization Act, which will impact how farmers of all sizes grow and harvest produce.

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A girl I grew up with just lost her 7-month-old daughter to this. I didn’t know until today, and I confess that I, like a jerk, I wondered why she was constantly posting pictures of her baby on Facebook… I didn’t say anything though, ‘cause I just figured she was being a mommy… I get it now and feel like a heel. And I gotta say, I don’t think the baby was ever without a smile in those pictures…

Anyway, read it; if you can, donate. If nothing else, take your Thanksgiving to actually give some thanks… you could have had a kid and spent her short life taking photos, trying to preserve every second. Maybe you have…

But there’s always something to be thankful for. I get the impression that my old classmate actually going to be thankful for those 7 months. That’s the way she’s choosing to see it.

FSMA : This is our food we're talking about people.

On my commute home last night I listened to the Food Rights Hour podcast presented by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. The hour was dedicated to the Food Safety Modernization Act and the guest was Michael Tabor, a Maryland Farmer.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (#FSMA) was passed in 2011. In true Washington fashion, the law was passed before it was written. Therefore, only the intent to “modernize” our food system and make it “safer” was placed on the books and quickly passed to the FDA to actually write the law. This brings us to today.

The FDA (not the USDA) is now currently in the listening phase of enforcing this legislation. Which means they take comments, questions and suggestions from the public, farmers and concerned organizations.  Learn more about this piece of legislation and speak up. Call your congress person. Share information on social media.

If this law continues it could:

  • Limit your access to road side produce stands and farmers markets through unnecessary safety regulations
  • Authorize a new group of FDA inspectors to inspect small family farms, independent producers and farmer markets 
  • Burden small farms with unnecessary safety and environmental regulations that increase the cost of operations and thus product

It does little to address:

  • GMO foods
  • Harmful use of pesticides and herbicides
  • Health issues found on large industrial farms

I am in the midst of investigating this law further and I encourage you to do the same.  It might be nothing.  It could be the greatest law ever written. Somehow…I doubt that.

Politics aside. This is our food we’re talking about.

Learn more.

Webinar on “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act: A Primer by FDA”

FSMA represents the most sweeping overhaul of the U.S. food safety system since 1938. One of its main objectives is to control and prevent hazards along the food chain (from farm to fork). In order to do so, FSMA is establishing new responsibilities for companies, a new Paradigm of Control on Imports, enhanced enforcement powers to FDA, and new fees on food companies and importers. This is an overview of the FSMA and the current status of implementation. REGISTER HERE >> http://ow.ly/EoiC8