“Where are the "jihad” fighters?! Here is your jihad

This is a picture taken today of a Palestinian woman while being attacked by Zionist, that ripped the hijab off of her head, as her elderly husband attempts to protect her

Maybe this jihad isn’t halal because it’s against your Israeli masters, cause killing innocent Syrians (for no reason but sex, money, and drugs) is more halal and something like Palestine doesn’t mean two shits to you.

-“This Syrian man we interviewed survived by a miracle and told us that these rebels are foreign fighters, they are from outside, well armed, well equipped and vicious. These are not Muslims. These are fundamentalist extremists. That’s what we learned. Within Syria there are 40’000 foreign Jihadists tied to Al Queda, well trained, well armed with plenty of money. Their agenda is not for human rights or democracy in Syria, but to take over Syria. They’re funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, America and Britain. These nations are now actually sending money and arms to Jihadists inside Syria to kill innocent people. The syrian government did not use Sarin gas on its people. That was used by the foreign fighters, funded by the West.”-
– Meggie McGuire


FSA’s Battle to Liberate the Crusaders Capital

Maaloula (photos) now mourns tens of her people that were slaughtered by AlNusra Front, several kidnapped. The only community that still speaks the language of Jesus is being killed right now by Obama backed rebels, solely for being Christians. Some of the oldest monasteries were looted and vandalized by the Islamist bastards.


FSA Raping Al Jazeera Reporter and Killing Christians (Syria Update)