Hey guys,
I am selling my migidoll ell in white skin A.
He comes with his box, COA, default face up, and the pair of eyes migidoll sent with him (not shown)
His migidoll pillow will not be included but he will come with a basic white pillow.
He is restrung, no damage or yellowing, and he was made in February 2014 He is 62cms tall

500.00 + shipping
I am located in the US
And I only accept paypal

You can email me (ciliablake@hotmail.com )
Or kik me ( username plaguebearerbjd )
Please do not send me a tumblr message
They get eaten more times then not
You can see more pictures at https://www.flickr.com/photos/plaguebearerbjd/sets/72157641268463875/

  • So it's hitting me full force (again) how FREAKING ABUSED Lourdes Delgado was as a character. She was so kind and beautiful and innocent but then crap happened and it literally all happened to her like she lost Jamil and then got possessed and then her friends turned against her for believing in someone who represented her second chance and the peace she found there and then she was freaking killed by said hero and she just never got the chance to live her life and I'M SO PISSED OFF.
Eu te amei desde a primeira vez que te vi. Você era simpático e gentil. E olhou pra mim; você não hesitou, nem um pouquinho. E, naquele momento, senti que podia encarar tudo com você ao meu lado.
—  American Horror Story.