frozen mango bars. Blend 1 or 2 ripened mango with a bit of water and transfer to ice cube tray.. You can use it later on smoothies or nanacreams.


1 veya 2 olgunlaşmış mangoyu biraz suyla beraber blenderdan pürüzsüz oluncaya kadar çekin ve buz kalıbına aktarın. 3-4 saat içinde donacaktır… Bu küpleri daha sonra smoothie’lerde veya sorbe yapımında kullanabilirsiniz👌

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Want to talk about how you need food that can be prepared quickly and you just don’t have time to make something healthy and delicious? This took less than a minute to make. I timed myself. In fact, since I started this challenge I have never spent less time preparing (or in the past purchasing) food in my life. I have also saved so much money from just eating simply. It’s really difficult eating this way sometimes, especially when a friend is making grilled cheese right downstairs as I’m writing this. But I can’t deny how I feel and how well many other people are doing on the same lifestyle. That makes it all worth it. #fruitisfastfood #averyfruitycountdownto2014 #fruitarian #cleaneating #healthy

Snacking between classes. I wasn’t able to go home between my first and second class as I usually do due to an unforeseen errand and had to get something quick to eat out. I got two bean burritos without cheese and a big water cup and now have my fruit as a snack. #fruitisfastfood #bodybyplants #plantbased