I was asked a long time ago by @bethanyc515 to post 5 pictures of myself where I think I look pretty or something. I think I always look good, at least to myself. Whether guys think I look good or not, someone’s still gettin a kick out of it. It’s takin me a long time to get here, but I’m satisfied. I mean come on who looks cute with troll hair, or as your high school science teacher, or with licorice lips? So I nominate homie helper @slynnn2 , best friend forever @jennjennbean , edm sister @victoria_gc123 , giggle partner @mallymoomoo , crazy cousin @britt_buel , cross country gurlfran @chiefxsmackahoe , hot stuff @sierrabova , old school BFF @daniirobi , and my silly sister @mkreidwise Your turn! ❤️💛💚💙💜 #lame #movingforward #goodvibes #selfesteem #selfiecity #loveyourself #fruitball #whydomyfriendstakepicturesofmesleeping #foodforthought #pleasedonthateme

CollegeHumor and BuzzFeed Play Fruitball

BuzzFeed and CollegeHumor are both content creation titans, so when BuzzFeed made a video to call out CollegeHumor on a sport they called Fruitball:

It was only a matter of time before CollegeHumor responded:

Let the games begin!

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CollegeHumor Responds to BuzzFeed’s Fruitball Challenge

The folks at BuzzFeed challenged us to a game of Fruitball. This is our response. (Spoiler: We’re way better.)

Lactose Intolerant

I have spent years playing Square Enix games and in turn the mini games and side quests that go along with them. It is in this that I have come to realize something, square is an extremely sadistic company.

Now hear me out, Sure they make great story lines and wonderful games to play, but those mini games can be used as torture devices. Seriously if the US caught foreign spies the fastest way to get the secrets they were holding would be to sit them down and force them to play a never ending round of ice cream beat. Also, I am very sure that Satan plays Fruitball in hell.

Prior to beginning Birth by Sleep (the game in which these mini games take place) I looked up the forums to see what the game was really like, the main thing i found was that I should begin the game on hard and rather than on normal to avoid a lot of the mini games and forced completionism. I thought i could handle it though, and to say my pride was my down fall is putting it light lightly.

While the game does a wonderful job of keeping the worlds fresh throughout three separate play throughs the mini games do not get the same treatment, and after the 15th time of Tigger cheating at monopoly (I’m sorry command board) I have the honest desire to punch Christopher Robin and his stuffed toys in the face.

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CollegeHumor Responds to Buzzfeed’s Fruitball Challenge

We accepted the challenge and took it to a whole new level. There’s no crying in fruitball. Buzzfeed’s original video

Day 9. Throwback. This was taken in 2009 at a BBYO event. We were going around in a circle stating our names, and school we went to. This was also the day we played fruitball at the beach. Miss my BBYO days. #throwback#bbyo#misseveryone