So here are photos of the Fruit Flan me and my partner made today in Baking, going to use these glorious pictures for my portfolio.

Unfortunately with the fruit design, we ran out of strawberries and kiwis (those are gold but they were SUPPOSE TO BE GREEN GOD KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED) and barely any raspberries so here is my partner and I sort of improving the top. Which didn’t come out too badly, I like the one on the right better.

But we had to box them up to be sold so I couldn’t keep them, making my own tomorrow at home along with Ravioli from scratch! Tomorrow is going to be busy!!

The 3rd photo has a glaze on it, incase anyone is asking why it’s so shiny.

Fran hates pudding. More specifically, he’s gets awfully touchy when people relate his name to that certain dessert.

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