pineapples were such a status symbol in 18th century England that you could rent one for the evening to take to a party.

The pineapple did not make it to England until the 1600s, and it became a HIT in the 1700s. Everything was made in pineapple shapes and painted with pineapples. It was THE status symbol! – If you had a pineapple under your arm in the 1700s… WELL, you were just the richest, coolest kid on the block. I am speaking literally though. People quite seriously took a pineapple to parties to show off, carrying it around for weeks until the pineapple started rot. You could even rent a pineapple for an evening.

Pineapples were expensive too. They cost about 5000 pounds each (around $8000AUD) by today’s standards – OR the cost of a new coach. You can just picture an 18th century gentleman weighing it up:

“new coach… or pineapple… hmm”.

Initially you had to grow them yourself, but this was a very difficult and expensive endeavour in an English climate. The pineapples would be grown in hot pits and boys would be payed to sit and sleep in them – just in case the pit caught on fire.

Blueberry Ice Cream- it’s pretty much the best thing ever and here’s why:

  • so tasty
  • totally customizable with milk & other flavors
  • cheap cheap cheap
  • with protein from the soymilk & nutrient packed freshly-frozen blueberries it’s actually pretty good for you too!
  • ready in about as long as it takes to get from the kitchen to comfortably seated on the couch
  • did I mention tasty?
  • gluten free goodness, vegan, nut free, easily soy free- unless you are sadly allergic to blueberries you can find a way to enjoy this

Get the recipe here!