Everybody has a cheap relative and death can be expensive. You know when they die they’d be mad at you if you spent thousands of dollars on a fancy urn! That’s why we made our Modest Urn for the frugal. This metal can, which mysteriously resembles a coffee can, comes with a sticker sheet so you can customize it for the deceased. It’s 5” tall, 4” diameter and has a volume of 62.8 cubic inches. In addition, there’s a reusable interior metal seal and an exterior plastic cap to keep the ash from falling out. Includes a fill-in-the-blanks eulogy for easy mourning. Or get the pet version

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Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying. The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.
—  Elise Boulding
Nintendo is selling refurbished Wii Us for $200 directly. This is how to get another two games on top of NintendoLand that comes with the console:

(Refurbished Wii U link)

1. Physically go to Target

2. Pre-order any game for $1 (doesn’t matter, you have no obligation to buy)
3. Receive $15 off any game regularly $40+
4. Purchase Mario Kart 8 for $46
5. Register MK8 with Club Nintendo to receive free digital copy of one of the following:
 - Wind Waker HD
 - Pikmin 3
 - New Super Mario Bros. U
 - Wii Party U
6. ??????????
7. Enjoy your Wii U + 3 games for ~$270

DIY Laundry Stain Stick - This natural homemade soap recipe for a Wash & Stain Bar works to remove tough stains prior to washing. To use simply dampen the bar of soap and/or fabric and rub onto soiled or stained spot before washing. For deep set in stains allow to set several hours to overnight. Visit Soap Deli News blog to learn how to make it!


I’m hundreds of dollars richer today. Or just not hundreds poorer.

The other day the washing machine broke. It’s at least a dozen years old so I figured it’s just time to buy a new one.

I’m at a point in life that such an expense, while not pleasant, isn’t a major setback. I’ve saved money, lived frugally and forced my children to get factory jobs at very young ages. Those boys know Legos and Star Wars action figures don’t pay for themselves.

Now don’t get the idea Bob uses his wrinkled Benjamins as fireplace kindling. Old twenties work just fine though any crisp bills work in a pinch.

Paying for a new washer wouldn’t be awful. Getting it in the house would be. Sheila didn’t go for my idea of buying new clothes. Well, for her, yeah sure but for me, not so much. I was so close to my dream of wearing brand-new socks every day.

I looked online at local appliance dealers and quickly ruled out those filthy front-loading, Gaia-pleasing, high-efficiency machines all my neighbors are buying. I don’t love polar bears that much. Ruling out the front-loaders would save me hundreds of dollars. Sorry bears.

Then I had a dilemma: delivery or self service.

Delivery? That would cost extra and strangers would be traipsing through my home.

Borrow a truck and do my own delivery? I’d have to drag one machine up the stairs and another one back down to the basement. Folks, ambition is not my middle name.

Then I remembered when fellow Tumblr Jen replaced the engine in her mini-van using little more than help from a friend, a Swiss Army knife and parts from destroyed Soviet army tank.

What if I could fix the washer myself?

A quick check of YouTube showed me I could. The problem turned out to be a broken motor coupling. I ordered the $8.29 part from Amazon. I nearly ran out of clean underwear waiting for delivery but the part was several dollars cheaper than what Sears wanted locally. And no sales tax.

It took me about 30 minutes to fix my washing machine. Damn I’m happy. I’m ordering pizza to celebrate and I may even get a second topping this time.

This photo appeared on Facebook with the caption “NO WORDS”. I think it’s brilliant and fashion forward, a great design idea and a great reuse of clothing. Just make the edges a bit cleaner. I am interested to know what the front looks like. #fashionforward #wastenotwantnot #fashioninovative #stylist #fashionista #streetstyle #beingdifferent #justdoyou #frugal #pickin #reuse #designer