Today was a feel-good fashion day! I’d gotten new pants earlier this week so I wore them for the first time and I LOOOVE them so much I want like 1000 more pairs. Sadly I couldn’t stomach the price of that dress but I did get the sweater which I’m super excited to coordinate this fall! I hope I can dress up again soon ~n~


Taking today as a vanity day to feel good about myself and how far I’ve come in a year! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

I was just gonna wear the wig and the hoodie but then I realized it was very Asuka so this kind of happened~ I tried new make-up  too which was a lot of fun /o/


I’ve been wanting to take some ‘for fun’ shots in my Madoka cosplay (Kyouko too but she’s barely wearable right now ): ) so I did some today ;;

Lots to fix (I commissioned it and there were some issues… too many buttons, skirt doesn’t allow for poof/pink parts were too long, and the top is pinned because it’s too wide D: ) and add (need to add the soul gem to the choker) but that’ll happen sometime within this/next year, I hope!