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give us your emotional francis/louis headcanons

Hey there, anon! Tbqh, frouis is probably our happiest, fluffiest ship, so there’s not a lot of angst to be had from us, if that’s what you’re looking for. This is about the best we’ve got:

If one of them died, they’d keep (and probably wear) an article of their deceased love’s clothing - Francis would keep Louis’ tie, and Louis would keep Francis’ vest. They’d also probably get quieter and more serious. Being separated would be very upsetting for them, too.

Also (and this ends up being too cute to be angsty, sorryyyyyy):

Louis might have times when the fact that nothing will ever be the way it was before the outbreak really hits him, and he gets kind of bummed out, and Francis would try to be positive and cheer him up in the most Francis-y way possible like “Hey, we can live in any house we want now, and no one will call the cops or make us pay taxes!” (Francis has probably never payed taxes, he is a degenerate)

Louis definitely appreciates this, and jokes that maybe he should try to be more like Francis, then procedes to gently throw a can of beans at the wall. “I hate beans?” Francis is very proud, until Louis goes and picks up the beans (and apologizes to them) and puts them back where they were because they need to take stock of their food supply, what a nerd.

After this, Francis probably tries to get Louis to talk about the things he hates, but all he can come up with are zombies (“Come on, man, even zombies hate zombies. Be more creative.”), getting gum on your shoe (“Yeah, okay, I hate that, too.”), and how Gary from Accounting used to steal his stapler (“Fuck Gary. He’s probably a zombie now. And not even a cool one. He’s, like…a jockey or something.”). Louis still gets a rush out of it, though.

I’m so sorry, anon. We tried to come up with more feels-inducing headcanons, but it always ended up getting cute, idek. It was emotional in a positive way?? If we come up with anything else, we’ll post em here!


I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Louis pouted at Frank with big puppy dog eyes. Frank scoffed down at him but with a faint smile on his lips, moving Louis’ fringe out of his eyes before saying, “You’ll see it when we get them done, trust me though okay. You’ll love it, I promise.”

Louis looked up at Frank with hooded eyes slowly leaning in murmuring, “Yeah, yeah okay.” Frank leaned in closer and soon there lips were only centimeters apart.

 “Mmhhm,” Frank murmured, Louis could feel the vibrations on his lips, the tickle of Frank’s handlebar mustache on his face and soon there lips were joined. Louis’s bottom lip perfectly slotted between Frank’s lips. They kissed lazily fore a while, Frank’s right hand running up and down Louis’ back and Louis’ right hand gripping Frank’s hip tightly.

Louis pulled away resting his forehead on Frank’s saying, “Pasta for dinner?”

Frank laughed breathlessly before nodding saying, “Only if you help me make it.”

Louis whined low in his throat before agreeing, “Okay fine but if I catch the garlic bread on fire again I’m going to punch you in the nuts.”

Frank’s laugh bellows threw out the whole room scaring their cat Sailor off of the bed with a thump to the floor. Louis laughed along with him until he managed to get pull himself off the bed and saunter into the kitchen, Frank slowly trailing behind him.

[Nervous Laughter] Don’t look at me, I just wrote a cracky thing

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francis/louis for the question thing ;v

Eeeyyyy! Round 3! Let’s go!

  • Collects rocks: Both! They have a shared collection. Louis wants to be choosy and have a nice, organized collection, but Francis just picks up everything that he thinks looks cool, and Louis tries to tell him gently that they only need so many pieces of granite. They probably started picking up rocks here and there during the apocalypse, and Francis would maybe use the bigger ones to smash zombie heads sometimes, hell yeeaah.
  • Takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep: Both! But not for cute reasons. They both have a collection of the other making goofy faces in their sleep on their phones. (Francis probably started it, he is a troublemaker)
  • Gets drunk and breaks shit: Poor Francis is probably a bull in a china shop while sober, so drunk Francis probably smashes all kinds of stuff. He’s probably wrecked at least one coffee table tbh. Precious moose. Louis probably holds his liquor better, and is the sweetest drunk. He like gives (surprisingly good) life advice and joins strangers in their drunk karaoking and tells them they sound great and buys random people drinks. And when he says he loves everyone in the bar, he means it.
  • Can’t swim: Francis can’t swim in canon, soooo Francis. Louis probably offers to teach him, and it just kind of ends eventually with Francis being able dog paddle, and he is super proud of himself for it, lemme tell you.
  • Remembers to feed the fish: Both! We really like the idea of Francis giving them cool names and talking to them while he feeds them. He doesn’t hate fish anymore tbh. (We also like the idea of them having dogs. Francis and Louis deserve all the dogs.)
  • Puts up Christmas decorations in November: Y’all know Louis loves the holiday season, but we think Francis really gets into it early, too. He likes Christmas because presents, and because he gets to climb on the roof and no one calls the cops. Louis just lets Francis put up whatever decorations he wants because he just likes Christmas decorations in general. Big, gaudy light display yo.
  • Sends inappropriate texts and SnapChats while the other is in a meeting: Francis. He’d try to fluster Louis, but nothing rustles Louis’ jimmies, so he’s usually able to just smile and roll with it.
  • Makes Sims just to drown them in the pool: Francis probably doesn’t have much interest in playing, but he’d be an angry god if he did. He probably hangs out with Zoey while she harrasses her Sims and eggs her on. The jury is still out as to whether Louis is a benevolent god who makes Sims of his friends or an evil Sim overlord tbh.
  • Brings the other coffee at work: Francisssss. This big, buff biker rolls up with a latte and like a scone for the bf, and Louis’ coworkers are probably nervous at first but then it’s like “oh hey, Francis” and also there’s probably grumbling about how no one brings them coffee. They’re jelly. (This question really gets to us, aaaahhhhh)
  • Takes gym locker room selfies: Louis, except not really. He probably gets his exercise in by jogging outside, getting selfies with random people and every animal willing to hold still long enough (“check out this opossum! #newfriend”). And like sunsets and cool plants and stuff. Louis makes all kinds of new friends while jogging yo.
  • Signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class: Louis would do all the signing up. Francis doesn’t mind the ones that involve food, but tennis would not go well. At all. He would either hate it from the start, or get really good and get super competitive and like bust the racket over his head when he wins. Either way the racket would get wrecked. (Also, please take a moment to imagine Francis in like tiny tennis shorts and a polo shirt with the sleeves ripped off and one of those sweatbands on his head. Please.)
  • Forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table: Francis probably doesn’t use it very often, but forgets to plug it in when he does. He probably gets really invested in like Jurassic World, and Louis is nice enough to pause while using the iPad for work to feed Francis’ dinosaurs.