Behind the Scenes: Frostival

frostivity asked:

“Y-You’re pregnant?”

     “ While not ideal, it’s hardly uncommon Jack. “

Lips pursed slightly as she watched him, head cocking
to the side as she crossed her arms. She may consider
him as much as a son as Henry, but it wasn’t exactly her
choice that he be the one to find out before anyone else.
Especially Henry. 

                But let me tell Henry – please? “ 

frostivity liked for a starter.

It  had  been  a  rather … S L O W  day at the library —— ( not that a
B U S Y  one  differed much in capacity ) —— most of the librarian’s
time spent reshelving books && organizing catalog cards. So when
the door creaked open naught  but  twenty  minutes  shy  of  closing,
it   was  only  natural  for  the  brunette  to  assume  that  it  was  her
Rumple ———— coming  to  collect  her for the drive home after a
similarly slow day at the shop.

                                  ❛❛ Hey, Rum ——— ❜❜

Yet, oh; the young boy standing only a few steps inside the door was
not  Rumpelstiltskin —— not unless her love had heard
about  the forewarned chance of company and had decided to play a
small T R I C K on her.

❛❛ Oh, sorry —— I, uh ——
           thought you were someone E L S E. ❜❜

Moving past her surprise,  the brunette’s expression instead quickly
turned to one of pensiveness, recalling what she had been told a few
days prior.

                                  ❛❛ It's     …     J A C K,     right?
                                  Henry said you might stop by. ❜❜

frostivity asked:

/slumps against his furry friend and drifts asleep.

▌█ []

He can feel the instant Jack falls asleep, and is careful not to
twitch or glance at the guardian at this realization–he keeps
his shoulder and upper arm perfectly still, only allowing his
tail to sweep across the ground and curl over the boy’s thigh.
The beast can’t imagine he’ll get cold; yet, the mere press of
Jack’s white hair against his bicep makes him feel warm,
and he hopes the presence of his tail will do the same.

frostivity asked:

"Hey you, how's it going?"

          ❛ well, it’s GOING. ❜ 

                       she adjusts the bag  over her shoulder,
                       giving the opportunity to heave a breath. 

          ❛ busy, predictably i guess, but—-
                   you know the drill. when people are counting on you…  ❜