I’m extremely excited to share the cover of Frontier #5: Sam Alden!

This is the latest issue of our ongoing monograph series, and features a brand-new 36 page comic by our friend Sam Alden, a supremely talented cartoonist and storyteller in the midst of a remarkable and prolific year.

Sam’s issue will be printed on Risograph in two colors, and debuts next month at Small Press Expo on September 13, 2014. As with all issues of Frontier, subscribers will be receiving theirs in the mail (along with a little surprise again this time!). 

More details on the book and pre-ordering options will be added in the coming weeks to the Frontier #5: Sam Alden listing on the Youth in Decline site.


I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all… the cover and a short preview from out final issue of 2014 —

> >  Frontier #6: Emily Carroll  < <

The newest issue of our ongoing monograph series, Frontier, features an eerie and stunning original comic by the wickedly talented Emily Carroll - titled, “Ann by the Bed.”

Experience the dreadful tale of Ann Herron’s bloody murder, and the awful legacy that persists today in Southern Ontario.

A new comics!! 32 pages! Full color! The issue will debut on November 8th at Comic Arts Brooklyn in New York (and our Youth in Decline shop the following Monday)

Emily Carroll is an illustrator and cartoonist, and the author of the fantastic anthology, “Through the Woods,” - the wicked “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” for our generation of readers. She currently lives with her wife Kate and their large orange cat in Stratford, Ontario.

"Oh, my love… Do you know how many houses there are in town? In the county? Out of so many houses, there is very little chance the lion will come to ours."

2013 Bodegas Ochoa Moscatel Vendimia Tardia (Late Harvest)

Holy crap, this is some amazingly awesome (and apparently hilarious) stuff, kinda like the other amazing Ochoa. Lovely nose of white peach, white nectarine, white florals, and honeysuckle. White nectarines with candied Meyer lemon and white flowers on the palate. Beautiful balance between the acidity and the fruit. Almost feels like this sweet wine has a gentle mousse (bubbles). Excellent.

5/5 bones



15% abv

Navarra, SPAIN


POSTING OLD THINGS involving big mean ladies from Anova (that sci fi story i talk about). Bree can turn into a bloody dorito monster and handle ylem like a champ. Courtesy of reaching King Baron status, which involves accepting ylem into her body provided by a chalkurite (pint yeah) Those bloody gashes on her back are venting scars to keep radiation build up and ylem excess from exploding her ribcage open when accessing a king shift  (it was supposed to be part of a bigger thing involving chalkurite shards and dead fragments of a Prism)

Then Lalatre, NASTY brood mother i talk of here showing off her backside (the safe side to talk to her to) Atavism color variations vary a lot, but they tend to be desaturated dark tones. There’ll be some cases where a chalkurite gets a good grip on pigment genes and tries new things but for the most part it’s nothing too flashy. and yeah her hipbone turns into a weird intestine throne with eyes to peek at people (Brood moms go all out with their shapeshifting)

AND THEN some Rajenlo thingies I’ll prolly redefine in the future WITH AN ACTUAL REFERENCE other than just teeth stuff. Gotta properly design her hood and nail down her outfit, the red teeth represent her rank within Jauria baronhood, Kerberos’ Maw (I’ll eventually get down a proper design for her brothers the Throat (Encho) and Viscera ) 

I’m delighted to share the cover to our latest issue of Frontier, the fabulous FRONTIER #4: PING ZHU

The issue features the first print collection of work from the extremely talented and versatile illustrator, Ping Zhu! Created for Youth in Decline, Frontier #4: Ping Zhu features a menagerie of delightful doodles, paintings, landscapes, and dogs.

The issue is made up of 32 color pages, including an artist interview. Frontier #4: Ping Zhu debuts at MoCCA Arts Festival 2014 on April 5th in New York City. The issue will ship to our beloved subscribers the week after the fest, and available for direct purchase on our site http://www.youthindecline.com/ soon after.

Frontier is a quarterly art and comics monograph series, highlighting a collection of exciting and challenging new work by a single artist.