A thing I’ve had sitting around for a while! Just a peek into the general guide I follow when talking about the grojladies. Opinions may, of course, shift around, but here’s what I generally follow. They’re all about in their early twenties/v late teens if that’s for whatever reason too old for you. Some things I almost included but didn’t were sexualities, weights, any relevant mental diagnoses, scars, etc. Some because I didn’t really have a definite answer, some because I already felt like I was talking too much.

Uhhhh let me know if I should tag this any specific way? It’s not sexual but I guess there are some mostly naked ladies.

Guys’ lineup in the works!

"Aaaaare you sure this looks-"
"SSSSSsshhhhhhhshshshhhh you look great!"

The Beff Sisters being better siblings than the Riffins could ever hope to be. Mina always makes sure her sister looks good. 3)

The babes for frickthepopo who requested it, and ask-carrie-b, who deserves it!

Sorry for the crappy phone quality, the scanner decided to join its electric brothers in totally not working when i needed them to.

deets for Corey’s back tattoo, celebrating his (metaphorical? literal?) status as a rock god. The omega symbol, for [rock]lympus, the laurel wreath, and Apollo’s lyre sorta repurposed.

Depending on the context, he either got this after Grojband’s first real, successful actual gig, the first time Corey ever wrote his own lyrics.


mysteriously woke up with it, having been mysteriously visited in his dreams the night before by the Gods of Rocklympus. ~mysterious~