I sat in front of the open campfire
and waited for the darkness
to engulf me.
To let the stars
empower me
with their gaseous dust.
To let her words
surround me of old
fairy tales that never seemed to age.

She had once told me
that the frondescence
surrounding us
was the spirits of the dead
that waited for the day
to come up from the ground
and whisper their hauntings
that never seemed to die.  


want to spread out the nola-love, and getting crickets from Tokyo (ヤッホー、良い子の皆さ〜ん!!) so here’s a sala-fu-ben from yester-week.  sneaky little bag of watermelon + nashi, and there’s chicken chilling under the frondescence.    

Bento-in-a-bag?  Must be a good name for that… will think on it.