Warm ocean melting East Antarctica’s largest glacier

The largest glacier in East Antarctica, containing ice equivalent to a six-metre (20-foot) rise in global sea levels, is melting due to warm ocean water, Australian scientists said on Monday.

The 120-kilometre (74.4 mile) long Totten Glacier, which is more than 30 kilometres wide, had been thought to be in an area untouched by warmer currents.

But a just-returned voyage to the frozen region found the waters around the glacier were warmer than expected and likely melting the ice from below.

"We knew that the glacier was thinning from the satellite data, and we didn’t know why," the voyage’s chief scientist Steve Rintoul told AFP.

He said that up until recently the East Antarctica ice sheet had been thought surrounded by cold waters and therefore very stable and unlikely to change much.

But the voyage found that waters around the glacier were some 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer than other areas visited on the same trip during the southern hemisphere summer.

"We made it to the front of the glacier and we measured temperatures that were warm enough to drive significant melt," Rintoul said.

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More tales of Bucky, the bearer of insurance information:

One night Steve is mostly asleep when he suddenly feels the bed dip behind him. The Winter Soldier whispers softly in his ear, “Medicaid’s coverage of nursing home care is only available to those who qualify because of limited income and assets.”

"Jesus Christ, Bucky,” Steve says, and tries to shove his pillow up Bucky’s nose.

The soldier ducks under it with a cat-like grace, hissing, “We need to get you more assets, Steve.” The pillow catches him in the ear. He tumbles off the bed. From somewhere down below, Bucky mournfully says, “It’s the only way to keep you out of the home,” before he snickers himself into the carpet.

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{{6. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (Nighttime)}}

"… Erh… Some family restaurant for children…"

Today, I look for a sign
With flames in my hands
A line in the sand
Between yours and mine
And it came, like fire from below
Your greed led the call
My flag had to fall
But little did you know

Another day, your truth will come
You’re gonna pay for what you
Pay for what you’ve done
You’ll get what’s yours
And face your fraud
You’re gonna give me back what’s mine
Give me back what’s mine!

Late Winter, Ages Ago

Late winter, ages ago.
Three fifty-four in the afternoon.
I am born, long-lashed and sweet and scared,
Bags packed and ready to leave.

Nighttime, age eleven.
Sharp things find their way into my skin.
I do not know how they get there.
I am not sick.

Autumn, age fourteen.
I am living with ghosts.
They say that I am half-dead.
They want to take me.
I see things that others can’t see.
I am not sick.

Springtime. Age sixteen, seventeen,
I’ve lost count.
Now that the ground has thawed,
I am buried in the backyard
Like a goldfish nobody had the heart
Or the guts to flush.

Ageless now. Spring again.
I watch from above.
(I watch from below?)
I see everybody else get better,
I love them,
I was not sick.

can you imagine how many things mom lalonde would confess that rose would just brush off as a joke tho

cause really