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From Indian Lakes // Runner

I’m starting to see why you drifted away after all. no one explains to you where the things go that you love, till they’ve already gone. you held on for us. the house gathered dust. we were selfish then, and we held on to things, but theyre all gone now. 


Zine Project: Come In This Light

The brief was to create a ‘zine’ - a cheaply produced, easy to reproduce publication that reflects something of ourself.I chose to present my experience with depression. The imagery starts with a burning camp fire, then takes you into a forest, walking deeper as the trees grow more chaotic. Finally the image of the burnt-out log smoking from the inside draws a comparison from the first image.

I took inspiration from fromindianlakes; taking an awful experience in my life and presenting it in a beautiful way. All the photography was shot on 36mm black & white film when I went to the Forest of Dean, painstakingly processed and developed in the dark room, converted into halftone acetates and exposed onto a treated silk screen. These were then used to print onto delicate newsprint paper with screen-printing ink, creating a visceral, tactile booklet that is as much about the physical as it is the content. The pictures do not do it justice.

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Awful Things
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From Indian Lakes // Awful Things

 i saw your ghost in the mirror last night. blood stained your clothes. bags under your eyes. i guess you’ve heard what I’m like now. just a body. you’re haunting my bedroom and the hallway. i still hear your voice in my head and its saying awful things.