Adam Robb

A Smoky Bourbon Cocktail form a Legendary Toronto Experimentalist

Impactful aromatics have always played an essential role in the creations of the Canadian mixologist Frankie Solarik. Inside BarChef, his Modernist cocktail laboratory on Toronto’s Queen Street West, multi sensory presentations evoke the flavors of the season - not just in the glass, but surrounding it, too.

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San Francisco Skyline by Wade Bryant
Via Flickr:
I wasn’t very prepared to take this shot but I was happy with the result. I was in San Francisco for a business trip and I wasn’t sure I’d have any spare time to take any photos for myself but I packed a light tripod just in case. I spotted this location on the map and it looked like a simple place to get to from the BART (rapid transit). It turned out to be quite a hike (8 miles of walking including all the back and forth through the extensive park). The walk there was through cement-lined streets below ground level with big trucks blowing by at high speeds. This park was like a dream for me with nature, water, city skyline, ships and industrial port facilities all around. This fantastic park that was built right in the middle of the Port of Oakland was almost empty. The skyline was about 3 miles from my location and with the hazy/foggy atmosphere the shots aren’t perfectly crisp. Still, I had a great time at the end of a productive business trip. Next time I’ll rent a car.

Jo Metson Scott

A British Sculptor Prepares for Her Bergdorf Goodman Debut

From her light-filled home studio in Queen’s Park, a residential pocket of northwest London with a village feel, Kathy Dalwood casts plaster busts using found objects to playfully update the classical form. 

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Matthew Stacey

Alison Chi Shares Her Favorite New York Design and Food Haunts

From a very young age, Alison Chi knew what refined design looked like. Her mother, Tammy Chou, and her father, Tony Chi, the architect and designer behind the New York-based Tony Chi & Associates - which is responsible for the interiors of places like the Andaz 5th Avenue, Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental New York and the Bar Les Nations at the International Geneva - were in the business before the younger, Chi, who is now 27 and calls New York’s Greenwich Village home, was born. Her parents would buy beautiful pieces, like rattan placemats from Indonesia, during their travels abroad and use them at their former home in Westchester County.

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