The Pilgrims - Over the Garden Wall Set

Many of you are aware I’ve been working on this set for some time. I finally finished it up in time for Everfree Northwest this weekend, where it will be making it’s debut. The set includes a ponified Wirt and Greg, custom Beatrice, and sculpted Jason Funderberker and a black turtle.

If you’ll be at EFNW, find me in the vendor hall at table #76 and check these babies out!  Don’t forget, I will also be selling Brony Mom Tees at my table for the whole family!

These are actually really really helpful and i recommend everyone checks it out


Fanime 2015 is over and it was my most successful Fanime yet! *A* Thank you everyone so much who stopped by!! Quite a few of my plushes sold out at this con, even my much-asked-for Takeo plush eventually found a home on the last day! I always look forward to Fanime every year, I hope to return back for 2016. Thank you so so so much for your support!! <33

Up next is Califur on June 5-7 and then Anime Expo on July 2-5, hope to see you there! :D