Experience: Moruf - Jasmine [Visua]

“We all kings and queens so address me as Your Majesty”

Fact: I think that I’m in love with Jasmine too. Moruf will never fail to provide quality melodies for your ears to feed your soul with. This smells of excellence and tastes like victory. Salutations to the sire, and a warm welcome back to the return of Sir Jai Paul, from which this masterpiece was inspired.

Experience: Moruf - Jasmine


Experience: MADE Presents…Erykah Badu

“When I am speaking to a person, I think am speaking to the experience of a person.”

Fact: The first and last time I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Badu, her truck almost ran me over in front of Le Poisson Rouge in the Lower East Side, where DJ Low Down Loretta Brown was going to do a set. The truck was blasting “Yonkers” by Tyler the Creator, which is in itself one of the things that makes her such a unique character in Hip-Hop culture. Erykah Badu is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and gifted intellectuals this world has ever been graced with. Salutations.

Experience: Mickey Factz- Mickey MauSe

“Everyone can’t be the best. Challenge yourself to defeat yourself. That way, competition will stare at you fighting, instead of what paying attention to what they’re doing. And then everyone will look at you and see your true potential. You’ll then be the best without trying to be the best.” - Mickey MauSe

Fact: Mickey Factz is an artist, in every sense of the word. You want need this in your life. Straight of the era of Hulk Hogan & crack, graffiti artist Mickey MauSe presents a brilliant gallery of vivid lyricism and insightful memoirs that makes it one of my favorite masterpieces of this year. Don’t wait until his eyes close to open your eyes to his art.

Experience: Mickey Factz - Mickey MauSe

Experience: Lupe Fiasco - Friend of the People

“I had a way then, losing it all on my own
I had a heart then…But the queen has been overthrown
And I’m not sleeping now, the dark is too hard to beat
And I’m not keeping up. The strength I need to push me
You show the lights that stop me, turn to stone, you shine it when I’m alone
And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong and dreaming when they’re gone” - LightWork

Fact: On July 14, 2009, we ran into Lupe Fiasco at a lecture at City College. Back when frndofthepeople was an idea not yet  composed of megapixels and a tumblr page, we asked Mr. Fiasco, in true Rhyming Ape fashion, to not sue us for using the name frndofthepeople. Here’s to artists that keep their promises, and inspire us all to push positivity, positively. Cheers.

Experience: Lupe Fiasco - Friend of the People


Experience: TiRon & Ayomari - All My Love(feat. Yummy Bingham) [Visual]

Dear TiRon & Ayomari:

Peace ya’ll. Been a while since I last saw you, TiRon, but we know you’ve been doing your thing, and there’s always food from The Cafeteria Line being served at frndofthepeople. Happy birthday, by the way. I think it’s kind of crazy that you two legitimately write my life story to beats, but this letter just serves to publicly express how much I appreciate it. Lyrically on point, and it’s clear that you enjoy making music. Stop making me laugh so hard at this damn visual too! Principle Jeffries, you a fool for that one! In summation, if you two haven’t collectively put out some of the greatest bodies of music I’ve ever heard, everything I know about Hip-Hop is a lie.

P.S. I used to have the ill crush on Yummy Bingham when I was younger. Thanks for bringin that back.

- frndofthepeople



Experience: Jennah Bell - Where is My Mind [Visual]

Fact: She is a Muppet, covering a song by The Pixies. This literally needs no other description. Some things are just naturally fantastical.


Upcoming Event: Nikki Jean @ Mercury Lounge

“Some days are grey, but others are gilded with victory.
They used to be what made life rich.
But now I can see,
Days for what they are
Pennies in a jar…I will spend with you,” - Nikki Jean, Pennies in a Jar


  • Location: Mercury Lounge
  • Date: Wednesday, September 7
  • Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • The, album Pennies in a Jar is an extension of Nikki Jean herself: an utterly captivating and loving human being whose love of American popular songs led her to travel across country, collaborating with some of the greatest artists of our time.
  • Click the image below to purchase tickets.


Experience: Mickey Factz - “Dreams of Money” 16-Bar Breakdown [Visual]

Fact: How many of you really know how your favorite artists construct their art? This is a truthfully a singular moment of transparency. Mickey is a rap genius, and his own RapGenius. If you haven’t experience Mickey MauSe yet, apologize to yourself and download my good frnd.

“If you feel compelled to say something in your heart, please do, because at the end of the day we all have something to teach, and we all have something to say.

I’m ready to die for the humans. I’m ready to die for positivity. I’m ready to be the poster. A lot of hip-hop artists don’t understand the position they’re in. They be like, “Bruh, I’m not a role model.” And me, I feel totally different. I feel like I am a role model, and we all are. We all role models. Without y’all, it’d be no me. As a role model with the power influence, whether it’s Twitter followers or friends, you always want to use your influence for positive things. It’s crazy, you know. It’s crazy. But we all got a hand in love. One by one, each and every one of us needs to keep living and embedding that positivity.” - Brandon “Lil B” McCartney

Experience: Lil B’s NYU Lecture x Fader

Experience: ScienZe - When Skies Fall

“We Rise When Skies Fall. This album is a movement which represents growth and unity amongst us all. The sky has enough space for all of us to shine bright TOGETHER.” - ScienZe

Fact:On September 26th, I had the pleasure of running into ScienZe at Wordspit’s Rize of the ILLest Benefit Concert. Standing next to Chris Faust in a crowded S.o.B’s showroom with his signature dreadlocks and Akuma-esque necklace, ScienZe’s music is every bit as unique as his appearance. I’ve spent two days absorbing this newest opus, When Skies Fall, and am still admiring it.The emotional content in each piece is admirable. Take “Game Night”, for example, in which ScienZe portrays the intricacies of the player’s life, over an instrumental which could  be the soundtrack to a deadly casino game or mafia intrigue. With a sharp ear for music and a knack for solid concept based projects, ScienZe delivers fans another plate of good food for a table that is always in quest of a good meal. Cheers.

Salutations to the soundsmasters who crafted the instrumentals, Navie D., Lord Quest, Psymun, J57, Jay Sentine, Sunny Jones, and King I Divine.

Praise and honor due to the artists who contributed their gifts to this project, Melodi J., Jazz Horn, Anetta Rozé, Chuuwee, C Plus, Niachene, Asher Roth, Johnny U and Chris Faust. 

We Rise…When Skies Fall.


Experience: Jesse Boykins III - I Can’t Stay [Visual]

Fact: Jesse Boykins III is a guru; a teacher, of sorts. A man whose vision has helped expose a new generation to a profound understanding of love, life and the way those intertwine. How many of you have been influenced or motivated by The Romantic Movement? Oh you too? Salutations. $Schwaza

An exchange of ideas and intellectual conversation has become such a rarity in the past, and I can’t stress how much of a pleasure it is to see it coming back so strong and healthily. Jasmine Mans is a beautiful young woman, fiercely intelligent and passionate in her efforts to send messages through poetry. I had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Mans last Thursday at Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village. We at frndofthepeople thank Jasmine and TheStriversRow for the opportunity, and look forward to conversing with her in the future.

Jasmine Mans is a frndofthepeople

Interview coming soon

- Adam Ivory

Experience: Chris Faust - VILLAIN (issue two of three)

“I tell them matching Bentleys when we win tho, We moving out of Central  Because I want the World they call me VILLAIN and a schizo
Maybe it’s my mental cuzz I’m tryna get paid 
Whats taking Heroes years I tell my niggas 10 days”

Fact: Chris Faust makes my favorite mixtapes. Period. Issue 2 takes us deeper into the VILLAIN trilogy with another classic quote from Elijah Price, and smooth production from Woody, 6th Sense, Hannibal King, Nefarious, 2ThumbsUp and Omid G. 10, Hadji Quest, ScienZe, Maffew Ragazino, Kris Kasanova & Hiro Honma contribute their artistry to this canvas, completing a dastardly vision that is one issue away from completion. The feeling from when I first heard Comic Books: Unlimited, reigns throughout this project, and the posse cut for this issue, Hellfire Club, is vicious .Faust has done nothing but continue to hone his craft and provide consistently amazing work. He should get his own booth at ComiCon. 

Experience: Chris Faust - VILLAIN (issue two of three)


Experience: STS - Come Back Kid (Goldrush 2) [Visual]

“Southern-style like fried fish, I think I just ate Nemo”


  • ^That’s hilarious.
  • Always take the time to appreciate artists that genuinely enjoy their music, and have fun with him. Between these lyrics and the general air of mayhem throughout the video, it’s hard not to like this visual. #GoldRush2
  • I was watching, I asked myself: “Was that Dosage running around just now?” Indeed it is, 3D, Look 4 the Logo ;) #shamelesspromotion.