friscolibrary hat deine Frage beantwortet:Have you ever…?

All the time! What book had this effect on you?

"The Prisoner of Heaven" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. The universe of his books has enchanted me since I read "The Shadow of The Wind" in class (for my Spanish class - in Spanish; quite challenging, but it was worth it). I finished it this morning on the train to university and decided to order the next one in the series, "The Angel´s Game" as soon as I come home. 

I was lucky enough to find it in a book store during lunch break. I am just so in love with his storytelling, his metaphors, the way he creates atmosphere and his chracters. Basically everything!

I got an email that started ‘frisco library’ and was like YES MY BOOKS ARE ON THE HOLD SHELF HELL YES and then I realized it was friscolibrary tumblr following me lol

Which is legit. I mean, my library follows me on tumblr?!

friscolibrary asked:

Hi, Marie! We apologize for the inconvenience! In the future, you may try searching for your new read in eBook format if you find we are closed. We know how important it is to also have access to your favorite books. (We love Fangirl too!)

Oh man now I feel like a terrible person for complaining about that. ;-;

I love the eBook selection, though! (I think Fangirl had been checked out at the time. But it’s back and I think I’m going to get it now!)