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Nobody can save you now

The only sound

It’s the battle cry

"You have to make a different choice, Peter. The universes can't exist without each other. You have to choose to save them both. That's the only way to save Olivia."
"Then what are we waiting for? Nothing could be worse than this."

Beyond The Fringe: Peter and The Machine written by Joshua Jackson

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 9.23.14

cotton candy tapestry wall hanging by chloemarysmith

this is the second rad tapestry i’ve featured from this shop, run by one of my fab followers. i can’t get enough of the varied textures and carnival-inspired color scheme! WANT.

Fringe Recap 1x10 - "Safe"

For the sake of Polivia and all that is good in the world, I love this episode.

  • Let’s recap the opening scene.  Mitchell Loeb is back.  He’s still an asshat.  Oh, and they crawl through walls.
  • Olivia doesn’t have a best friend.  Would Peter like to fill that void??  I think he would.
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Fun family times with Walter and Peter at the hardware store

  • Mr. Jones!  You’re still super creepy… but at least your face is still intact.
  • And now for a very awkward house visit with Olivia.  How weird must it have been for the other women when this weird lady comes to your door and pretends to know you & things that happened to you?
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  • UGH JOHN SCOTT.  #johnscotthateblog2014

More fun times with Peter and Walter.


  • Ugh.  I forgot that Nina Sharp was still in possession of John Scott’s body.  Why, you ask?  We shall never know.
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  • We shall now enjoy some shameless flirting between Peter and Olivia in the lab…. while Walter plays with some toys.  NOT PETER’S TOYS THOUGH.  [not a silly throwaway line]
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  • A bar?  In Cambridge?  I too enjoy the occasional drink.

Walter:  ”I am going to repeat the demonstration with the rice.  Would you care to watch?”
Astrid:  ”Nope!”

  • I wonder if years later Peter and Olivia reminisced about the time they pretended to be brother and sister… Peter is SO bad at it though… wasn’t he a conman?!?!?!
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  • Ahh Dunham, using her flirting skills on someone other than Peter.  Jealous much?

^other than Polivia, this is my favorite of all Fringe ships

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    You guys are too adorable for words.


This episode is comedy gold.


….we all saw that Olivia.

  • Charlie is having his first real encounter with Walter and it’s highly entertaining.  It includes Walter licking photographs.  I told you, this episode is comedy gold.

OLIVIA X PEACOAT.  They’ve appeared!

  • Now Walter is teaching Astrid how to appropriately groom Gene.
  • Olivia is an awesome shot - I never understood why she said she wasn’t. 

Walter talks about Peter’s illness as a kid.  SO MUCH FORESHADOWING.  Walter tried to design a time machine to heal Peter…. I wonder if that would’ve been better or worse than what he actually did.



David Robert Jones teleported himself out of prison.  Crazy mofo.

  • Nina:  ”You know how I feel about Agent Dunham… why would I want any harm to come to her?”
    No Nina, we don’t understand how you feel about her.  Not until Season 4, and then things are a little different.