The VIP experience that lets you see and hear R&B’s most influential producer in action, and meet the man himself at an exclusive Q&A • Dates: Saturday 25 OR Sunday 26 January 2014 • Location: The Power House, 70 Chiswick High Rd, London, Greater London W4 1SY • Price: £249-£349

Timbaland Masterclass. 

Is it lame that I’d love to go to this? Timbo is that guy!

Chop and Frikkie. @austin_merrill writes, “Currently in South Africa with @pdicampo for a story on the rhino-poaching crisis. There is fierce debate here over the best way forward, including whether or not to legalize the trade in rhino horn, which has become one of the most valuable commodities in the world, due largely to high demand in parts of Asia, where the horn is a status symbol and an ingredient in traditional medicine. Here, in a private rhino orphanage on a ranch a couple of hours west of Johannesburg, Chop, a six-year-old adult sheep, lives with Frikkie, a two-month-old baby rhino. Antionette, a South African veterinary assistant, lends a hand. The sheep, she says, helps the baby rhino learn to live without its mother. Frikkie’s mother wasn’t poached – the orphanage is home for babies that lost their mothers for any number of reasons, from poaching to disease to abandonment.” Picture made by @austin_merrill for @everydayafrica

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Airbus A320-200 V8-RBT (msn 2139) touching down at Jakarta,
one of Royal Brunei’s key Southeast Asian feeder destinations. 

Frikkie Bekker/AirTeamImages