11 Years Of Friendship Between A Lion And The Human That Saved Him
Zion was separated from his mother as a cub for fears that his father would kill him

He has spent all 11 years of his life growing up with Frikkie the caretaker

Zion is such a softie that he prefers Frikkie walk without his shoes because noise bothers him

The 11-year-old lion and 69-year-old caretaker have become the best of friends

“Zion is a gentle giant. He has never attacked humans and I trust him completely”

“It was a once in a lifetime experience to grow up with him and learn and live with him through all of the stages of being a lion”

“People talk about lions like they are just lions but they have personalities, they have humour and laugh”

The two are so close that they share a truck and a bed

Frikkie says he has raised 19 lions, tigers and cheetahs, but says that Zion “is special because of the bond we share. I learned so much from him”

Sometimes, Frikkie even holds Zion’s tail affectionately

Lions can be dangerous, but Frikkie and Zion prove that this is not always the case

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11 Years Of Friendship Shared Between A Lion And The Human That Saved Him

Lions can be undeniably dangerous but they are far from monsters. Just meet Zion, a gentle 11-year-old African lion being raised by Frikkie Von Solms, a 69-year-old lion caretaker from South Africa. Over the last 11-years these two have formed a solid friendship, becoming the best of pals.Zion …