Submerse - Bubblin Visuals by VJBONES

Geiom: Glesprin EP (Frijsfo Beats)

Geiom continues on his oddball trajectory of beats, bass and breaks with this new addendum to his recent Black Screen full-length (which I’ve yet to hear myself, beyond clips — so much music, so little time and money!). I am really digging this more dancefloor-oriented trio of tracks, though. “Glesprin” is a dance between detailed, tweaked percussive sounds and a fat, bouncy bassline — the crisp, modulated snare/rimshot that punctuates every fourth beat is what seals it. “Ferrite Gaps” is even trackier, with hypnotic, repetitive phrases anchored by tightly wound drum tracks locked into a nice 4/4 groove. The last one is a collaboration with Hizatron, and I could tell without even seeing a credit on the track (the digital version doesn’t mention Hizatron). It has Hizatron’s signature production quirks and syncopated swing, paired with Geiom’s knack for beats and sounds — much more of a dancefloor throwdown than the other cuts, although all in all this EP is the most straightforward dancefloor-friendly collection I’ve heard yet from Geiom. Very slick stuff!

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Submerse releases ultra fresh garage stepper ‘Bubblin’ on Frijsfo beats and gets a tidy remix on the flip from Kuoyah. The production is super tight and the track rolls along to a techy, mellow 2-step groove with swirling atmospheric keys and clipped melancholy female vocals. 

Kuoyah's 'glassy' remix takes the original and works in deep synth lines, complex drum patterns and a stuttering vocal edit. The result is a track with enough depth and space to perfectly balance what is a Massive 12"

Cardopusher: Instant Loving (Frijsfo Beats)

Luis Garbàn’s Cardopusher continues to shift shape over the span of a variety of releases in the last year. It’s hard for me to keep up with him. To be honest, I’d written him off almost completely after hearing his debut album, Hippie Killers Don’t Mind Jah Conversations, a seething slab of breakcore noise that he unleashed in 2006. While I enjoy that sound now and then, a full album is usually difficult to get through for me, especially lately. So when I stumbled onto Instant Loving I was pleasantly surprised that he’s moved on to less abrasive, funkier sounds. Most of Instant Loving smacks of the UK 2-step bass music revival, many of its tracks underpinned with jaunty, syncopated woodblocky percussion patterns. There’s a certain melodic sensibility that carries through, with the fat mid lead of “Loving U” sounding like the perfect complement to the bright refrain of “Instant Glue” — that the two tracks’ titles comprise the release name is probably no coincidence. “Then What” is even more broken up, recalling some of the more spacious and syncopated drum tracks of Hessle/Apple Pips artist Joe but with a woozy synth accompaniment. Its companion remix is a bit sharper and cleaner, but the other tracks here outside both versions.

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Geiom & Divine: 6 O'Clock (Frijsfo Beats)

Don’t get your hopes up, Geiom hasn’t added a vocal by the large drag queen Divine here; Divine is a semi-anonymous presence here via auto-tune and vocoder treatments. But aside from that initial disappointment, this is a pretty slick collaboration. Geiom’s skittery IDM beats that have gone the way of garage and post-dubstep in recent years are in full force here, with a nimble agility that makes this otherwise somewhat repetitive track feel crisp and snappy. Strangely infectious, and a curiosity as it stands alone as a one-off track.

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