Things That Happen at Tony’s Parties (Avengers < Pietro Maximoff One-Shot)

YAYAYAAAY My first request! This one was be so fun to write.

Anon ask:  pietro/reader imagine where tony throws a party at the avengers tower & the reader gets hella smashed and she’s off dancing without a care in the world & pietro gets jealous. then after everyone leaves, the avengers are sitting around & drinking some of thor’s special liquor & they’re pulling the reader’s leg about her & cap’s friendship & pietro gets jealous & suddenly decides to take her to her room to sleep & then she mumbles why he never kisses her & he says he will when she’s awake

Title: Things That Happen at Tony’s Parties

Summary: Look up and read the ask. ^

Warnings/ triggers: None that I know of. Tell me if there are.

Mini-fluffish stuff? Y/N= Your name

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Cut out those one sided relationships. You know the ones I mean.

The “friends” that call at 3am for a shoulder to cry on, but if you returned the favor there would be no answer.

The “friends” that only text you when they want something.

The “friends” that always say “I’ll pay you back” “I’ll get you next time” but it’s always on you.

The “friends” that you include in everything but include you in nothing.

The “friends” that never even ask how you are doing.

Especially the last ones. Because while the others may feign affection and concern for you, these people show they don’t actually care about your well being by never even giving you a chance to say if you’re okay.
Those people are the ones that no true friendship is possible.

Cut out those one sided relationships. Even though it’s hard at first, your life will become so much richer.

—  Things I Wish I Would Have Known Sooner (C.G.L.)

anonymous asked:

I'm always so upset with my friends because I literally never feel like, they actually CARE about me or anything. Everything is always about them, and I'm just stuck being responsible for everything even when they make a bad choice, and it's literally like I'm the safe one and I feel like that's the only reason anyone ever wants to be around me. Nobody has literally never NOT asked me for something.

you should talk to them. a friendship in which you dont feel appreciated or cared for, and one that makes you feel upset is not a friendship you deserve. have a real and long conversation about the way they make you feel, and if they dont listen or dont take it seriously you need to think about your happiness and health first, and what the right choice would be to make next

im so broken right now


dont know what to do

the only person i really care about is so different

the person i still live for is so distant from me

they have changed so much 

i just want the old themback

the one that would walk me to my bus stop

who made sure i was always safe

who would ask me to come to the city JUST so I could see them

im sure they still care

i dont doubt it

but they are so different

and its killing me

because we never used to be so far apart

and i feel like our friendship is dying

and with it is me

im also dying

becasue i cannot bare to lose them

id kill myself if they saw this

i dotn think they care enough to check my tumblr tho

“Merrily We Roll Along” Starter Sentences
  • Yesterday is done.
  • How did you ever get to be here?
  • Twenty years ago, who’d have guessed we’d be standing here?
  • It began when I tasted communion wine.
  • Why can’t it be like it was?
  • I don’t know who we are anymore and I’m starting not to care.
  • Friendship is like a garden. You have to water it, and tend it, and care about it.
  • Nothing permanent has happened, just a temporary kink.
  • Never knew how much I missed you ‘til now.
  • Old friends shouldn’t care if you’re wrong.
  • Now it’s time to start growing up.
  • Every road has a turning, that’s the way you keep learning.
  • Don’t you see we can have it all?
  • Life is knowing what you want.
  • You’re somehow a part of my life and you won’t go away.
  • Where’s the day I’ll have started forgetting?
  • You’ve got to be somewhere where there’s nothing to remind you.
  • Now you know: life is crummy.
  • Best thing that ever could have happened!
  • You may have missed one road but there’s plenty more to follow.
  • Don’t say it – you’ll jinx it!
  • We had this good thing going.
  • And if I wanted too much, was that such a mistake at the time?
  • We’re opening doors, singing “here we are!”
  • They’re slamming the doors, singing “go away!”
  • That faraway shore’s looking not too far!
  • That faraway shore’s farther every day.
  • We’ll all get together on Sunday.
  • I’m having a breakdown!
  • I don’t perform except at dinner.
  • We’re the names in tomorrow’s papers.
  • It’s our time, breathe it in!

does anyone else have a person in their life that they just stopped talking to and you used to be good friends with that person until you fucked up and it feels like so many years have passed but you’ve never forgotten that person and you’d give almost anything to go to them and ask to start over and maybe rebuild a friendship but deep down you figure there’s no way they’d want anything to do with you so you just suffer in silence and every now and then you look them up just to see how they’re doing because even though you’ve grown apart from them you still care so deeply about them and you really wish that they are happy and healthy in whatever they’re going through

I really miss her…. but why the fuck would she ever want anything to do with me again?

I’m nothing…..

One of my literal biggest pet peeves is when people complain about “true friendships” when they themselves never reach out to anyone and also make it hard to reach out to them.

Like no one has time for that.

I learned a long time ago that if you want peoples attention or time just ask for it every once an a while and then they will ask back.

No one has the energy to play guilt trip games and it makes the people who do care and do try feel like shit.

Listening and Understanding

I may never understood what is so difficult about simple communication and maintaining relationships. I’ve always found that the best way to keep a friend is to LISTEN TO THEM! To demonstrate that you understand and have empathy for them when they are going through struggles. Even if you truly do not understand a friend’s perspective on something, you can still MAKE AN EFFORT to understand. Asking questions for clarification is a great way to indicate that you are being attentive and care about what that person has to say. Even PRETENDING that you understand can provide that friend with the outlet they need; someone to vent to. Heck, you don’t even need to understand someone to be a good listener. Sometimes people don’t want their problems to be solved and all they need is for someone to hear them out; someone they can express theirselves to. Please be selfless towards your friends put yourself into their shoes!

I hope you see this. you’ve actually caused me a lot of pain and stress. you probably don’t even notice it though because you’re so absorbed in your own life for you to realize how much I’m hurting. things aren’t how they should be. a friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. somehow everything is about you though, it will never change. I called you in tears and came to your house once. do you remember it? when I got there it wasn’t about me, you never asked me how I was or if I just needed to cry. if you’re wondering, yes I did just need to cry. the most disappointing factor about all of this is him. you’re with him. right now. you know it upsets me but you don’t care one tiny bit. and even worse? you’re rubbing it in my face. I wish the best for you and I hope your life is the same without me, I’m sure nothing will change anyways.

xbernathy asked:


JACE!! omg where do I even begin. Ur so??? Ur wonderful and thoughtful and kind and I am so glad Alex came back into my life when she did and we started talking more bc you’re an actual gift. U were also one of the only people who actually asked questions and talked to me when Shit Went Down even though we werent close and we’ve technically never even met IRL. we did occupy the same space IRL while u were cosplaying my kin tho which was the entire basis for our friendship. which makes two AB in a row where we haven’t interacted including the one I technically met u at omg what is this and I seriously can’t wait to hang out with u and Alex more. Ur a gr8 Souda too dang! I care about ur well-being and I rlly hope u get all that u need.

I was supposed to say st nice about u instead I went off on a gay rant omg wow I’m a fucking egg

  • Ben:Hey Isaac I've always liked you a lot and I really care about you and not just in a romantic sense. I'm worried about your well being and so are the others. Adrien is a bad guy and we want to help you.
  • Isaac:Well now that you mention it-
  • Adrien:Hey Isaac i'm going to leave you for dead and tell you that I never cared about you or your problems because I consider you beneath me. But don't worry, I'll come back months later to destroy your new friendships. But first I'm gonna kill a lot of people. Then I'm going to guilt trip you and make you feel like YOU left ME. Also I'm gonna ask for your help to do a dangerous task that will probably result in the deaths of hundreds.
  • Isaac:Wow! I was thinking that you were kind of a crappy person...when really we were BOTH crappy...especially me because I didn't meet your standards for friendship wow I'm so sorry I should have known you were just trying to save me all along.

I remember the night we stayed up late talking about music. We bonded over our love of A Great Big World.

I can’t even listen to the song “I Dont Wanna Love Somebody Else” anymore without wanting to call you and ask you what I can do to make you forgive me. And it’s been on repeat for an hour.

I know it wouldn’t help you, but I just want to talk. I just want to know how you are doing. I want to know that you’re doing better. I want to know why you felt the need to cut me out of your life. We both made this mistake, and you cut me out and left me with nothing and no one. I’m completely alone. I’m lost.

anonymous asked:

Is there a friendship you have that's been the most unexpected of your life? Someone you never pictured considering as close as they are now?

Uh…yea. I never imagined that I’d be as close to Rachel as I am now. In fact, my choir director told me that she and I would probably end up being friends and I just laughed. Never did I think that I would end up caring about that little Jewish girl as much as I do now. Before I just wanted to prove to everyone that I was just as good, and sometimes better, than she was. Now? I can’t wait for her to get back on that stage where she belongs and the both of us kicking ass and taking names in our careers. 

anonymous asked:

I have this guy I've been friends with/in love with for the past one and a half year. I'm almost certain that he has feelings for me too. He cares so much about me and my mental health.. Anyways, he never had a girlfriend before and he is completely oblivious to the fact that I want more than friendship. Would it be okay for me to ask him directly about this? It's always me who brings up the issues that need solving, so I'm more or less used to it but it still makes me extremely nervous.

What would you ask him? I am a little confused about that. Before asking him anything, I think you should tell him how you feel about him. It might clear the air a bit. I definitely think you should, though. Then, you two could talk it through!

I keep thinking about when Duncan and methos were saying goodbye and Duncan asked why methos never just told him about his past (to which my response may have been because it was 4000 years ago and none of your business)

but methos said “because I knew you could never forgive me - it’s not in your code”

which on the one hand speaks volumes about how much mr. “form no attachments get ready to pack up and leave when the shit goes down” methos cares about Mac, that he needed mac’s friendship so much he couldn’t risk anything

but also, even though mac’s only reply was silence, and thus not granting methos verbal forgiveness, I also think that his silence may have meant that in some ways he had forgiven methos - or was willing to try. After all he spent the entire episode believing in methos, and at the end he literally begged for methos’s life: “I want him to live”. Mac has killed good friends before if they were truly irredeemable, and methos knows that. If he thought methos were irredeemable, he would be dead.

But this sort of forgiveness is also asking Mac to bend a lot of his own convictions, which is not something Duncan can do easily considering he lives his life by his moral code. So he’s just silent. Because there’s a measure of forgiveness he just can’t give without breaking. Yet.

so fucking done with this fucking half assed friendship. i’m always wanting to hang out or at least fucking talk but you literally do not give a single shit about me. don’t fucking call me your best friend when you don’t even mean it. don’t say you’ll do something and never do it. you’re so fucking flaky and never follow up on what you say you’re gonna fucking do. we both know you would do it if it were someone else asking. i want us to be as close as we used to be but obviously you don’t care at all and it’s so fucking irritating. i wish i could just stop caring about our friendship just like you did. but no matter what happens i still want to fix it. fuck this.

When I confess to him what I’ve written on his arm, he gets shy. “What - me?” 

And I tell him it’s true. He is indeed ashayam - beloved. Thoroughly. From his voice to the shape of his jaw to the energy in his eyes, to his very soul. 

“Oh, but I-I don’t … I’m sorry. I-I like guys.” 

“I know,” I tell him. “And I never expected or needed anything else from you. Your friendship is all I need. But I still care about you more than you can imagine.”

“O-oh …” 

“And I still don’t expect anything from you, but if you would be amenable, I would like to show you.” 

“What do you–?” 

“May I kiss you?” I ask. “I don’t need you to kiss me back. But I’d just like you to feel how loved you are.” 

“Oh. A-alright.” 

And so I do. With all the gentleness and tenderness I could muster, and when I pull away, his eyes are wide.

“I - wow. I’ve never been kissed like that before.” He would thoughtfully stroke his lips. “I suppose you wouldn’t want to do that again?” He sounds wistful. 

And without another word, I would kiss him again, harder, but just as tenderly. He is pliant, and when I seek entry, he grants it readily. He whimpers happily. 

Finally, I let him go. “How about an arrangement?” 


“I don’t ever expect you to feel about me the way I feel about you - and that’s fine. I don’t need it. But I love to express my love for you, and you want to feel loved,” I tell him. “Would you like an arrangement where I kiss you and touch you when you need it, but you never have to return any sort of romantic feelings?” 

“You mean you’ll kiss me like that, even if I can’t want to date you?” 

I grin. “Precisely.” 

anonymous asked:

hey i kinda just feel like ranting, I'm always the friend that gives advice and everyone seems to love my advice but no one really seems to care about if I'm okay, they ask but then get annoyed when i don't say anything. i feel like no one understands me and i feel so much more mature and wiser then anyone my age I've met idk why.. when it comes to guys all the boys i know are boring and childish and just not my type and i feel like ill never meet a guy cos no one understands me..

Maybe if you gave your friends a chance to understand you, then you might get the advice you’re looking for? :) If your friends ask you if you’re ok, and you’re not and you feel like talking about it, be honest and say that you’re not. Your friends aren’t mind readers, they can probably pick up from your body language that you aren’t feeling like yourself but they aren’t going to pressure you to talk about how you’re feeling if you tell them you’re fine. You need to be open with them and have that conversation. Of course you should only open up to the friends you feel like you trust and who’s opinion or advice you respect. You may find that some friends are more caring or better advice givers than others. I feel like when it comes to friendships, it’s important to also be a good listener but to feel comfortable enough to talk about your problems too. It could even bring you and your friends closer together than ever before. 

And as for boys, I wouldn’t even worry too much about them. Guys tend to mature later than girls. I know some guys that are a few years older than me that still haven’t grown up and I’m 22! But don’t worry, when the time is right you’ll meet someone special. If the guys you know are boring and childish then you don’t have to have anything to do with them. You can always build friendships with different guys and see where they go, but don’t go looking around too hard for a relationship. You’re only young and you have plenty of time for boys. If anything now is the time to focus on other parts of your life like your friendships. Guys come and go, but friendships can last a whole lifetime :) 

Good luck!

xx Tash 

so i know i had that sojourn away from tumblr...

and i feel like i’ve kind of drifted away from you guys, and i’ve obviously had a bit of a fandom shift (not a switch, obvs i’m rose/ten 5ever), but because of all that, i don’t know, i just kind of wanted to hear from you guys if you want? like tell me things about yourselves, or ask me stuff, or your opinions about my blog or things you care about in your lives or whatever. i just want to hear from you guys! even if we’ve never talked before. friendship is neat.