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Fandom: Hopeless Maine
Characters: N/A
Pairings: N/A
Genre: Assorted; supernatural, friendship.
Summary: The island of Hopeless, Maine, has been known to native peoples of the area ever since they started messing about in boats. Its several names in their languages translate roughly as ‘The place we go to only when we are young, stupid and trying to prove something.’ Read more here.
Rating: T*
Warnings: Lovecraftian horror, death, body horror.
Wordcount: N/A
Notes: Funny story, actually: I actually came across Hopeless Maine while perusing my Facebook newsfeed. You see, I follow “Steampunk India” over there, (I know, how obviously typical of me) and the webcomic was one of the more recent suggestions/recommendations. And, well, being a fan of Lovecraft, I was immediately intrigued, and I am very glad to say that I am so happy I gave it a go: the artwork and style is gorgeous, the story and characters are really compelling, and, well, I don’t want to give away too much, but. Yeah. You should definitely give it a go, I think. Most certainly worth it.


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Read more about Hopeless Maine and its creative team here. Alternatively, if you’d like to start reading, you can find the prequel (“The Blind Fisherman”) here, or read up more on the books themselves here.


*This is just my own personal rating for purposes of tagging and convenience for this blog, as well as a general warning for any of you potentially interested in reading the comic.

I'm Not Mad at You

Fuck you.
Fuck you for making me think
that every guy would treat me
like you did,
after you left.

This is not a poem
dedicated to how you left me.

rather this is a poem about how I was never one for escape
but you let me think
that there could be things as friendships
and islands
where people actually are listening.

Fuck you
for being a decent person.
For paying for my meals
and talking me out of drinking myself to sleep.

Fuck you
for the nights you made me hang up first
because you wanted to make me believe in chivalry.
For the days you drove forty-five minutes out of your way
just to get your ass whooped at Mario Party.

Fuck you
for taking me to a mall, just to take my mind off things;
for offering to go into stores that you didn’t even find interesting.
For offering to switch coffees
even though you were smart enough to add sugar and cream to your iced treat.

Fuck you
for choosing to FaceTime instead of text me.
For always reading my expression and never breaking eye contact,
for seeing me without makeup,
and thinking I was pretty.

fuck you for always making me laugh
and holding out your arms to hug me.
For meeting my outstretched hands,
and knowing I wanted our fingers to link.

Fuck you
for getting all my pop culture references;
"That’ll do"

Fuck you
for all the promises you couldn’t keep;
for that false sense of safety and security.
For reading me: “She Walks in (Fucking) Beauty”,
when you knew I was falling—-

But most of all fuck you
for being a standard that no other guy can reach.
For being a best friend
who treated me properly.
For knowing you couldn’t give me
the love I deserved,
and so you
bowed out
(albeit, not at all gracefully.)

Thank you
for accepting every inch of me.
For not shying away
when you found out I was crushing.
For NEVER, EVER walking on eggshells around me.

Fuck them,
for thinking I’d settle for anything less
than what you gave me.

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