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"I do the voices for Friendship is Witchcraft!"

I heard a month ago that I had a doppelganger wandering around Texas, but it got a lot crazier this weekend. A girl who calls herself Ellie Mint, and is dressed is Octavia, is at Fiesta Equestria right now. She is literally claiming to voice all the Mane 6 in FiW, and comes across very arrogant about that fact.

At first I thought she was pretending to be me, which was creepy but sort of funny. It’s actually a little more malicious than that: She claims that all along she’s been voicing for FiW, and for whatever reason I’ve been allowed to take credit.

This is a weird lie. I’ve been doing requests, livestreams, and panels where I do the voices realtime. I also can’t fathom why Griffin would let me take credit for voices I didn’t do, why the real VA would ever agree to that, or what satisfaction I would gain from it.

The scariest part is how many people seem to believe her so far. She’s already been on a panel, where she claimed to have recorded dialogue for a 30-minute “Friendship is Witchcraft the Movie” (a movie whose script does not yet exist). She’s scheduled for at least one more panel this weekend, was in the opening ceremonies, and supposedly is slated to be interviewed by some podcasts.

This is really weird you guys.


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