Ok you guys i need to make money for my transition, clothing and to soon move out of my unsupportive household.

  • I make scarfs, blankets, washcloths, purses, infinity scarfs, phone cases (either crochet or knitted) friendship bracelets made of hemp, embroidery(can include beads, letter beads or charms) or kandi beads. And I have a few clothes I have designed.

  • You can message me on tumblr, @/manlypandashop on instagram or kik me @/hiddenflower for custom orders and to discuss price and how to pay me.

  • Prices range from .50¢ to 50$ shipping in the US is $2 and shipping elsewhere is $6.

Please spread the word guys I need a source of income. It means so much

State Friendship Necklaces available from my etsy shop! All states are available, not just California and Massachusetts!

Perfect for long distance friends, partners, siblings, or anyone who is separated by miles but kept together by love!

I can also do single necklaces or sets of three or four, just message me for rates!