I have a habit of drowning in his eyes.

The sound of his voice makes me ears bleed,
his hands were made from the finest silk,
he taught me how to find dark in the sunshine―

oh, I apologize.
I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is Destiny,
I can say 10, 010 words in ten minutes,
and I am filled with bad habits―
like lying.
Also I have tendency to switch
languages in der Mitte ein sentence.

Where was I?
Oh, yes―

when he said goodbye, I smelled smoke;
my arms tingled as I watched him walk away,

This poem glares at me as I continue to not write it;
the books glare at me as I continue to not read them.
They’re right―I am trash.
(I swear, I will read three hundred books tonight,
because sunset is never coming).

I knew a boy named Reid.
He once told me that he swan from London
to see me―but he can’t swim.
Fucking dumbass.

I wonder if there are days the people of London
are still trying to escape the smog of the past―hm.
Either way, Reid is still a fucking dumbass,
and when speaks, he needs to be slapped.
I swear, I handled the situation well.

I take a quiet breath of anger,
watching the children play gleefully under
the lonely sky.

my name is Destiny,
I have a habit of drowning in his eyes,
and Reid has a habit of drowning in the ocean
(fucking dumbass).

—  "The Bad Habits of a Nervous Teenager" by (DS)

Hello, my name is Miranda lee. I’ve been through a lot this past year and I honestly believe it is a vital time for me to meet some new friends and perhaps develop a healthy relationship. I live in New York, and I am twenty years old. I am a complete handful, but I’d like to believe I have a lot of misguided love in my heart. I just need a long hug. I am going to college at the moment to become an engineer, and I have plenty of introverted interests. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m just asking for a chance, you never know what you might be stumbling upon.
With love,

Libra compatibility with other signs

Aries: It will be fun teaching them how to behave and it will be even more fun with them dragging you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Taurus: You two are able to develop a close bond but you are two very different people. You will go your separate ways but will still care for each other and you both know it.

Gemini: They’ll love how you consider theirs and other people’s perspective while they’re sharing information with you and how you listen and seem interested or are surprised but how much you already know.

Cancer: You will appreciate how considerate they are but you just can’t take their sensitivity and how hard it is for them to get over their problems. You two will make great late night friends and they will very much enjoy your advice but you on the other hand might not take their advice so seriously and much rather consider them as a venting buddy.

Leo: You’re impressed and attracted to their independence, but you prefer to take care for the people you care about and them being able to fix themselves can be something you can’t handle. You’ll be able to make great memories with this one.

Virgo: The type of friends who only really hang out if other people are coming. Individually, making conversation with them will be a bit awkward since they might think that what you’re saying has something to do with them or your own personal problems.

Libra: You annoy each other. You don’t like it when they make false assumptions solely based on irrelevant information. Although you trust them and wouldn’t mind the assumptions with other signs, there could only be one. You silently admire them.

Scorpio: This pair is filled with intensity and flirtation. Scorpio, being the most sexually desired sign, and you as a Libra being the most charming and magnetic sign, there will be a strong pull. Your natures and priorities are completely different and your relationship is pretty much entirely based on lust.

Sagittarius: You’re naturally comfortable around these guys. If only they used their logical side of their brain to comprehend things rather than their emotional side.. because of this, not much of an emotional connection will be formed.

Capricorn: Libra is considered to be one of the most laziest signs. You will feel bad the Capricorn is doing this and that for you while you being a Libra will basically drown in guilt yet do nothing about it.

Aquarius: You love the way they see things. Life, exploration and adventure. They will love your ability to understand and see things like they do. Guaranteed fun and you will learn so much from them.

Pisces: At first, they’ll seem like a person you could relate with - and they are. But after a while you’ll notice some changes and realize their mind is much bigger as you imagined. This interests you although you can’t bother due to your lack of motivation.

We laughed into the daylight until our stomachs ached, with strawberry flavored lips, and dirt on our jeans. Gosh, I forgot how much I loved being your best friend.
—  I promise I’m never leaving again (3am)
I am only afraid of disappointing those who have never given up on me. Those, who have loved me for myself throughout my various phases, barriers and moods. They, who patiently caught every tear, while preparing for an ocean to fall out of my eyes. They, who gave me refuge from the darkest version of myself. For them, I am forever grateful.

And for me, they are God, My family and My Best Friend. And I am forever grateful, blessed and indebted to them. Thank You. 

Who are they for you?