Amidst our revelry, my friend burst through the door to show us a ridiculous (read: drunken) picture on her phone of herself and Abbi Jacobson — tongues out, eyes akimbo, in MY elevator. MY ELEVATOR… For the next ten minutes, Quinn and I calmly debated (read: hyperventilated) the ethics of approaching our doppelgangers lest we all self-destruct. Verdict: YOLO.

I’ve always just tried to live sensibly, but now with the kids going to daycare it’s about the get tight. What I’ve never understood about budgeting is the (wrong) assumption that my spending will be regular and predictable. Some months there are weddings. Some months shit breaks. Some months are Costco stock-up months. Some months it’s a friend’s birthday revelry or the Bolshoi Ballet is in town. I’d rather spend in a non-miserly manner once in an (unpredictable) blue moon than… well I don’t really know how else I’d even do it. I’ve tried budgeting on Mint but it just looks like nonsense to me with all its “you spent $651 of your $35/month travel budget” (a wedding) or whatever. My eyes glaze over. Any tips? I might sound stubborn here but I would like to get better.

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