Listen though if you consider that nelly is fake it explains a lot of Niall’s behavior during promo season. The boys kept bringing up Niall stealing girls/being a lady killer, probably instructed to do so by management. Niall was pissed because he wasn’t super on board with getting a PR girlfriend and acted irritated because of it.

I know that some people feel like he was mad because the boys were poking fun at his relationship - but I always got the feeling that they wouldn’t purposely bring up something he was so annoyed about unless management was telling them to. Like, that seems like a really dick move to continuously mock your bandmate for stealing girls and then have his girlfriend become public and have it be super easy to trace that her breakup with her last boyfriend was messy and he implied she cheated. That doesn’t seem like something the boys’ would make light of in interviews.

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The Melly stuff is just ridiculous, if Nelly is somehow real, why is she always a walking mile behind Niall and just appears on promo events? There's no need for her to be at club promo, especially when she doesn't want to be seen. If it's another fauxmance for whatever, why is she a mile behind him? He even climbed above that obstacle in the picture and didn't even look after her. He's not playing along or is a douche of a guy with no manners at all.

Oh she clearly wants to be seen, let’s abandon that fiction for once. But she doesn’t just appear on promo events, we’ve also managed to catch glimpses of them hanging out during non-promo events. As for the way they were walking, I would have to see the video to have any sort of opinion, because things are always crazy with the paps and the fans and the bodyguards protecting them.

I’m on two minds on Nelly. What I hope is happening is that it’s a legit relationship that is being introduce to the fandom. So we got the pap pics in Australia and the resulting freak-out. Then some downtime, and now she’s back again. It’s the same idea as the three month seeding cycles - push and pull. Introduce the idea, then take a step back from it to give the fandom time to get used to it. Then, the next time she pops up, it’s not some huge shocking thing but something the fandom is prepared for.

The other option is, of course, a fauxmance. If that’s what’s going on, I think the reason is to shed some of his younger fans. Niall in particular has a very young fanbase, and is probably the only one with a fanbase that very much wants him to remain single. So giving him a girlfriend could be a way to alienate some of the youngest fans in service of the ongoing rebranding. Similar idea to Louis being depicted smoking weed - the new target audience is not going to care, but certain portions of the old one will be displeased.

[Also, please note that even if the relationship is real, the way it is being presented could be serving the same purpose as outlined above].

ON THE OTHER HAND: Modest is in a complex with a bunch of other companies including the modelling agency Melissa is now following - it’s possible that she met Niall through them being at same place same time, or that he’s helping her get a leg up in the industry by introducing her to the modelling agency he’s familar with.

‘La parole ne se donne pas, elle s’arrache!’ Conversation exceptionnelle avec Frieda Ekotto, écrivaine, critique littéraire et directrice du département d'études africaines et afro-américaines et de littérature comparée à l'Université du Michigan. Cette féministe, aux origines camerounaise et congolaise, assume une parole flamboyante sur l’identité homosexuelle africaine, le ‘sujet africain’ selon Valentin-Yves Mudimbe, la représentation du corps de la femme noire et l'importance de l'écriture comme médium. © Lyse Ishimwe

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Hello, I'm in love with the second sculpture in your post "Boys with bombs, girls with graves" Do you mind telling me the sculptures name if you know of it? Thank you xx

It’s an incredible sculpture, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the subject is really awful. It’s called “the Rape of Persephone” and it depicts Hades kidnapping Persephone.

Wiki on it is here.



P.S. Anon mentioned this post, if you’d like to see it!

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I'm pretty sure that's just a normal office building, lol. There's literally no connection between Modest and that modeling agency.

Okay come on. Let’s be real here. There are tons of modelling agencies in the world. Melissa is Australian. And she just happens, purely by chance, to sign with an agency located in the same building as her boyfriend’s talent management agency? The universe is rarely so lazy and all that. I’ve already said that I think it’s real and that he is helping her out by hooking her up with a modelling agency that he knows about because it is in the same building as Modest.