Bannan Duece/Fried Sweet Plantain Recipe

Yes Please!

Plantains are a staple in pretty much every Haitian meal. The most common method of cooking plantains is frying them which can be served as an appetizer or a side dish. Fried plantains are usually served with other fried meats such as pork, chicken and goat.

Here is a basic recipe if you are looking to learn how to cook Haitian food.


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That same day we went lunch to a plantain restaurant. They have sweet plantain and/or salty plantain with all meals it seems - good thing I love both 😄 The salty plantain is usually served flattened and fried with a delicious tomato and onion mixture called hogao. At this place you could get ANYTHING you want on top of the plantain. I got salty plantain with retried beans, shredded beef, hogao, and cheese. It was amazing and I ate the whole thing - it’s about the size of letter sized paper (however, much thicker) so needless to say, I was full!

We then got sweet plantain with cheese and guava. This is typical, but sometimes you get it in what looks like a large perogie filled. It is fried or baked and stuffed with sweet plantain, guava, and cheese - we sometimes have this at the apartment for supper. I personally think fried sweet plantain would be delicious on vanilla ice cream, but everybody here thinks that is crazy talk.

That night we played our first of many games of Parques. It is played on a board with 2-6 people. It kind of reminds me of “Trouble”, but for adults. The mami’s are Parques fanatics and champs… Playing with them is cut throat - I learned this after I lost my first game against them. I came very close to winning once, but Carmen came up from behind and stole my win! It is a very fun game - even more fun when playing with the mami’s and Jaime 😊 I think it would be a great game for the lake!

The next day Paola and Jaime took us to a social club that they enjoy coming to on weekends. We went with Jaime’s brother, his wife, son, and mother in law and Jaime’s dad. The boys had fun in the pool - playing ball and with water guns, while the girls laid on beach loungers with the occasional dip in the pool to cool off. We ate salty plantains, empanadas, and lots of fresh juice! I ended up quite burnt that day, even with sunscreen.

Ok, I have to admit, I’m losing track of the days… I can’t remember what order we did things in, so bear with me 😊

On one of the nights, we went and had cholado. We arrived at the cholado stand and I was a bit confused by everything going on - there was what appeared to be a fruit stand, plastic red lounger chairs arranged in no particular order, and Spanish music playing quite loud in the background. I guess it’s not that confusing… You sit in the chairs and eat cholado… I suppose I just didn’t know what to expect. Cholado is a typical drink in the Cauca valley (where Cali is located). It is made of shaved ice, chopped fruit, condensed milk, and fruit syrup. At the time I didn’t know what I was eating - all I knew was that it tasted amazing. It seemed like they packed every type of fruit into one cup. I’ll likely be missing cholado until I have it again… 😍

Ok there’s like 5 parts to this shit so fuck with me

Part 1: Under The Hood

-🐓Grilled lemon pepper chicken
-🍚White rice (with that crunchy shit at the bottom of the pan
-🍌Fried sweet plantains (on fleek)
-🌳broccoli (at The House of L)