Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Events and Openings to Soothe Your Artache

With the fast approach of The Armory Show, VOLTA, Scope, and Fountain art fairs, many people would assume that there might be a shortage of things to explore in the city this weekend. Au contraire, mon frere. Although art fair season is upon us, it is still incredibly important to support our local artistic brethren. Check out what’s going on this week!

Friday, March 1st

Leah Beeferman, Brice Bischoff, Dillon Dewaters, and Adam RyderBeyond the Barrier

The Camera Club of New York is hosting this group show, centered around contemporary pieces that are inspired by the broad and fantastical theme of science fiction. Curated by Kate Greenberg, this collection of emerging artists, using a variety of media ranging from photography, to drawing and digital design, investigate the diverse and intricate themes of science and fiction through their chosen media. 

Opening reception 6-8pm @ Camera Club of New York, 336 West 37th Street, Suite 206, New York NY

Saturday, March 2nd

Daniel Rozin: Angles

In his fifth solo show in New York, artist Dainel Rozin dissects the optical and psychological cues that are inherent to building an image in ones mind. He uses geometry and repetition to tap into the most rudimentary visual part of the brain, while still addressing complex humanistic ideas. This display is sure to play with your senses.

Opening Reception 6-8:30pm @ bitforms Gallery, 529 W 20th Street, 2nd Floor

Sunday, March 3rd

Paul D'Agonstino: Twilit Ensembels

In this solo exhibition, Paul D'Agostino will tell a narrative through his collection of works ranging in media, including drawings, paintings, sculpture, and collages. The pieces in themselves embody characters, settings and dialogue articulated through his poetry. Judging from the many different forms of media he expresses this story through, this show seems like it will be immersive and interactive.

Opening Reception 6-8pm @ Pocket Utopia, 191 Henry Street, New York NY

So there you have it. Take this opportunity to squeeze in something local before the big international shows come and swallow everything up!


Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Events and Openings to Soothe Your Artache

Hey NYC!Welcome to the Valentine’s Weekend/Lonely Hearts edition of Friday, Saturday, Sunday! (You can decide which title fits you best). This weekend is overflowing with shows and openings due to complications with last weeks blizzard, and whether its something you do for a romantic night out with your significant other, or for fun with friends, there is plenty of art to be had.

Friday, February 15th

Works by Dan Flavin and Donald Judd, hosted by David Zwirner Gallery

In celebration of the Gallery’s 20 year Anniversary, a new, five-storied exhibition and project space will be opened at 537 West 20th Street. As pioneers of the post-war Minimalist movement, Flavin and Judd both created large scale installation work, often site specific and using material and light as methods of communicating a message. The minimalist works on display will be a mixture of pieces from both of the artists collections. The juxtaposed combination of these artists should prove to be quite breathtaking. This is sure to be a very special show!

6-8pm @ David Zwirner Gallery, 537 West 20th Street

Francis M. Nauman Fine Art Presents “Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Satircase: An Homage" 

    In celebration of the Armory Show’s Centennial, this group show features works inspired by the famous Duchamp painting, which made a huge impact at the first show 100 years ago.  For the duration of Armory Week, the pieces will be transferred to a booth at the Armory itself. This is an exciting opportunity to preview some of the work that will be on display at the legendary art fair.

Opening Reception 6-8pm @ Francis Nauman Gallery 24 West 57th Street, Suite 305. 

Saturday, February 16th

Federico Solmi: Chines Democracy and the Last Day on Earth

Italian artist and Guggenheim fellow Federico Solmi uses technology borrowed and adapted from gaming technology to create a visually saturated, animated landscape that accents and focuses on the title piece, a video piece acted, voiced, and animated by the artist himself. Serving as a sequel to his previously showcased piece, A Song of Tyrannythe show uses a mixture of traditional and digital media. Very interested in seeing what this show has in store!

Opening Reception 6-8pm @ Postmasters Gallery. 459 W19th Street

Sunday, February 17th

Artist talk and Closing Reception: Painting and Flowers

As this show closes, take in the last opportunity to see this interesting combination of installation and painting. Featuring a mixture of paintings by Nolan Simon and alternating sculptural works created from floral materials, the show is paired with a closing lecture titled "Of Modern Roses” from contributing artist Virginia Poundstone. 

Reception 5-7pm @ Cleopatra’s, 110 Meserole Avenue (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

    So there you have it. Whether you are out with your lover or getting weird with a bottle of wine by yourself, take some time to explore the ever expanding world of art this weekend.