#FridayFruitDay🎉! Made these honey yogurt covered strawberries 🍯🍦🍓 for the kiddies I work with👶👶. Topped off with crushed up Cheerios for a bit of crunch 😉. They loveeeeeedddd!🎊 Yippeeeeee~~~🙆. #eatclean #mealprepmelly

Berry Green Tea Smoothie Shots for #FridayFruitDay!🎉🍓🍵. One of my first fruity creations from my last care-free summer after graduation & before entry to the real-world 😔
#imisssummer☀ #summerdaysjustsittingaroundbutwhenthesuncomesupillbereadytoparty🎶💃 #imisscollege😭 #crazyfruitlady🙆

💥Organic cranberry green tea (brewed then chilled), blend with your favorite berries, ice & optional milk✨. #eatclean #drinkclean #mealprepmelly 😘

My “Death By PeanutButter” Roll for @thecavery’s #HowIRoll dessert day! Giant chococonut protein pancake🍫 rolled w/ bananas🍌, strawberries🍓, & all kinds of peanut butter🍯🍯! I don’t kid about PB, guys😂. #eatclean #nutbutteraddict

💢Recipe for batter is same as pancakes in previous post!!😁💢 #FridayFruitDay🎉 #nofilter📷

Had to overload my sweet potato pancakes w/ fruit in honor of #FridayFruitDay 🍠😁🍓 but these were made for @nutty4nutrition & her pancake challenge 😘
Covered in fruit, chopped nuts 🌰, cinnamon ✨, raw chia seeds, & my coconut-banana sauce 🌴🍌😍 I’m in #Whole30 heaven 😇
💥#SweetPotato #Pancakes (sorry, guesstimated measures😬)-
1/2C egg whites
1/3C coconut flour
½ medium baked sweet potato
1/4C light coconut milk
1/2tsp cinnamon
Optional sweetener (not whole30)
💥Coconut-Banana Sauce-
Just mash 1/3 VERY ripe banana w/ ~1/4C light coconut milk until thick saucy consistency 😍
HAPPY FRIDAYYYY!!! 🎉 #eatclean #TGIF #nutty4nutrition

Teehee 😛 My favorite part of #baking has always been decorating! 😁 Same kind of black bean #brownies as my post 2 days ago 🍫 (refer back there for recipe) just dressed these up with yogurt 💜 & fruit 🍇🍓 & I know I’m the only one who does #FridayFruitDay 😂 but I don’t care, I love fruit 😍 #eatclean #nofilter