FRIDAY spotted Ikuta Toma and Nao Kawakita Having Dinner Together

On 15th May 2014 around at 01:00 am near Nakameguro Station, Ikuta Toma spotted wearing glasses and hat with a woman, her face covered by a mask. They chatted as they crossed the street and then he casually took her hand and they walked side by side.

They were having dinner together for two hours, they went to the park and continued to chat there. After a while, they started to walking again to main street and Ikuta Toma stopped a taxi for her.

It turns out that woman was Nao Kawakita, a 38 years old married woman (and have 1 daughter) who known as drummer and vocalist of Maximum The Hormone Band. Ikuta Toma has being a fan of the band therefore he often to go to their performance and hang out with the other members too.

When Nao Kawakita interviewed by FRIDAY to confirms this matter, Nao said that she’s indeed having dinner with Toma (just two of them) and they also used to drinking together along with Matsumoto Jun too. Regarding they holding hands while leaving the restaurant and whether her husband knows about it, She revealed that they were drunk and her husband knows where she were. She even added that her husband sometimes drinks with them too and convince that she and Toma are just friends. She also deny that their friendship could develop into romantic feelings because she’s married. Moreover Nao sends message to Ikuta Toma’s fans not to worry.

posted by ND@JDoramaID