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What is one tip you’ve learnt over the years about school and balancing different priorities that you have to come across?


Alrighty buds, I have assembled my favorite (cheap!!!) dorm related youtube videos. These would all also work if you are getting your first apartment or maybe just want some ideas of how to redecorate your current bed room! <3


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Ten things I wish I had known before I started my University career

I’m graduating in December and have learned a TON. I wrote these tips at the beginning of the semester for a few friends who are beginning college this Fall and thought I would share them here! :)

Anyway, here are my top ten things I wish I had known as a Freshman:

1. Do not take more than five classes during your first semester of college. I took seven and, although they only added up to 16 hours, I ended up with two C’s I did not need. 

2. Look up your teachers online. Koofers is great and there are other sites like it that let other students rate their professors. If it looks like a professor is really tough or seems like a jerk, see if there is another option. Once you get into your major classes, you probably will not have many options, but your general core classes (History, Literature, English, Math) will probably have several sections taught at different times by different teachers.

3. Time your classes to fit with your body’s schedule. If you absolutely CAN NOT get up before 9 am, you probably do not want to sign up for an 8 am class. Often, there are night classes available. I always preferred those because I hate waking up before the sun ruses. For other people, night classes may be intolerable because they are more interesting things to do at night on campus. Again, once you get into your major classes, you will probably have to suck it up and take an 8 am or two.

4. If the first week of a class is crap, GET OUT. GET OUT NOW. Most schools have a period of time where you are allowed to add/drop classes without any repercussions, but if you have to trade Professor Jerk Face with another class, you should do it as soon as possible because it is hard to come into a class and catch up more than a week into the semester.

5. Sit in the front of the class. It not only helps you focus better, but it also encourages you to take notes and ask questions because the professor is right in front of you. It may not seem cool now, but the people who make A’s usually sit in the front.

6. Be friends with your teachers!! You are much more likely to get an A if your professor knows your name. I took a geology class a couple semesters ago and the main reason I made an A was because I talked to my professor often, laughed at all his jokes, and took his class seriously. If they know your name and see that you tried really hard, they may find a reason to bump that 87 to a 90 (in my case, it was a “perfect attendance bonus”).

7. Get to know the professors in your department/major VERY WELL. Focus especially on people who are working on something you are interested in. These professors will help you find opportunities to grow and find out exactly what you want to do. They will also be important later when recommendation letters and references are necessary.

8. Use your electives to learn something interesting! I used mine to explore Sociology. If you are careful enough, you could use your electives mixed with certain requirements to get a minor.

9. Make a friend in every class you have. If you are smart, you will pick someone who sits on the first two rows, takes loads of notes, and comes to most, if not all, of the classes. I always found it helpful to have someone to look after who can also look after you. They can send you pictures of their notes when you have the flu and you can remind them about the quiz you have in the morning.

10. Your teacher has heard every excuse in the book. Now, I know you will never procrastinate on an assignment or miss class, but if you do, do not lie to your professor. They can see straight through it. Things never to say:

    -My email stopped working

    -I was sick (for the fifth time in the semester and with no documentation)

    -I forgot that assignment was due (even if you did, they do not want to hear it)

**MOST OF ALL, REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!** You’re only going to be a young adult for a little while!

Top ten things I wish I knew as a Freshman

**People edition**

  1. Everyone is in the same boat as you. Basically everyone on your class is as new as you are and is trying to meet friends, just like you. People are nicer than you think they are. Just smile and try and talk to them when you have a free second.
  2. Join clubs and societies as a freshman. They’re an awesome way of getting to know new friends and professors and are also an awesome way to pad your resume and by the time you’re a senior and junior you’ll be able to qualify for leadership positions BOOM! like 3 birds with one stone. Seriously though, Join some clubs ok.
  3. Dating is fine, but don’t make life decisions based on what they think. You’re welcome.
  4. Go to the football games (if you can afford them, if not there are NONES of sports events you can go to for FREE) They’re part of the experience.  
  5. Repeat after me, “ I don’t owe anyone shit. “ ok good. Remember that.
  6. Everyone gets homesick sometimes, don’t feel embarrassed.
  7. If you are going to drink be responsible. Never go drinking alone or with people you do not know and never let a friend either. But never feel like you HAVE to drink to be “c00l” ok? Honestly no one cares if you drink at a party or have a coke. Just have fun and don’t be an idiot.
  8. Keep an open mind. You are going to meet so many new people, all carrying an already set standard of ideals and morals. Listen before you speak, it could be to your benefit.
  9. There is no such thing as popularity in college. Everyone does their own thing for the most part, you can have 10000 friends or like 1, neither is better than the other.
  10. You are so smart and beautiful and full of life and character so don’t you dare make yourself feel inadequate or think that you have to change yourself to make other people feel better.

southern-wishes-and-misses asked:

I'm about to go off to college and I need some advice! What was your biggest lesson learned and biggest regret in freshman year of college?

That’s so exciting! You will love your freshman year! I get asked this quite frequently, so I will try to answer this the best I can- sorry that it is SO incredibly lengthy! I answered this last year, but I am going to make a more updated list of advice to you and other upcoming college freshman :)

  • One of the most important things i learned freshman year is that college is all about balance and time management! It’s difficult because it’s really your first time to be truly independent without your parents telling you what to do and when to do it. Balancing academics, social life, friends, family, and time for yourself can be a challenge- you will soon realize this. It may take a few weeks/months to really get adjusted and find what is best for you! It especially took me a while to figure out the balance between social life and studying- but it was really easy to manage once I figured out what worked for me personally! I recommend getting a planner to help you stay organized- this has made such a huge difference in my time management! 
  • Don’t be nervous about freshman year; i know it can seem a little scary at first; I definitely was intimidated because I went to college 10 hours from home! You will make so many friends in your dorm and in your classes! I think what a lot of freshman don’t realize is that you are all in the same boat. You’re all so new and excited and nervous- everyone feels the same way that you do and everybody has the same fears and hopes. The fun thing is that you get to experience this newness together! You’ll be surprised by how many people you get to meet in just your freshman year! And with the more people you meet, the more comfortable you will feel around your campus and in your new surrounding. I recommend getting involved in something around campus as this can make finding friends much easier. Whether it is greek life, events, sports, a club, an honors society, or anything else that interests you, getting involved is a great way to meet lots of people and find your place around your school!
  • Make a packing list two weeks before you leave. Separate things into categories between clothes/shoes/jewelry, school supplies, dorm things, etc. I usually just bring summery pieces and a few fall things. When I come home for thanksgiving/christmas break, I will get my fall/winter clothes and take my summer things home! I definitely overpacked my freshman year, so i recommend only packing things you really need (especially if you are living in a small dorm like I did! There’s just not room for it all!)
  • Plastic drawers are a life saver in the dorm! Loft your bed a little, and you can put plastic drawers under your bed to save room and store more things! I usually kept my shorts, sock, towels, and tshirts in those drawers and you can reuse them for several years to come! 
  • I wish i would have known this as a freshman- but sign up for one extra class with the intentions of dropping one. You may show up to a class and realize it seems too hard or you don’t like the professor. I did this the second semester, and it was a great decision! I signed up for 19 hours, planning to probably drop biology. I ended up liking that professor and the time of the class, so i dropped my morning writing class instead! i definitely recommend doing this especially if you are nervous about your schedule/professors. Also, walk to all your classes the day before the first day of school so you won’t be totally lost heading to your classes the very first day! You’ll feel a lot more comfortable if you have an idea where they are located! 
  • Go to class. This seems like an easy one, but it can become a bad habit very quickly. Do not skip class or your grades will suffer. Also, try to sit in the front row/front sections in every single class. It is actually proven that the closer you sit to the professor, the higher your grade will be. Grades are so important in college. In high school, you can get away with doing not-so-great academically. But college is really your future- your GPA will determine the job you get, the internship opportunities you’ll have, and even getting into law school/grad school/nursing school/etc. I really recommend taking classes you are interested in, and try to learn to fall in love with your education. It can be easy to play on your phone in class and skip, but if you really focus on making an effort to learn a thing or two in each class, you will enjoy the course much more! 
  • It’s okay if you don’t know what your major is yet- some of my friends still haven’t decided on a major yet! You will probably change your mind 15 times freshman year, and that is completely fine! I really recommend going into your academic advisor- they are so helpful! I remember visiting my academic advisor my freshman year and she convinced me to minor in art (which has been the best decision ever- I had never even considered that before, but I absolutely love it!!)
  • It’s also okay if you fail your first test or two, sometimes academics in college are an adjustment- you just have to live and learn; figure out what you didn’t do right, and fix it for the next exam! Don’t let it get you down or cause you to lose hope. My lowest grades are usually my first tests for each class as I try to figure out how each teacher is different in regards to test formats and level of difficulty. You may just have to try several different things to find the best study and organization methods for you! If you are ever struggling in a class, go to the professor’s office hours. They are always willing to help and I promise it will make a difference if they can tell you are trying! It’s okay to get a tutor too. I had a tutor in biology my freshman year, but it really helped! 
  • You will most likely get stuck in early morning classes as a freshman- I had 8:00 am’s every single day (which was killer!!). You don’t usually get your first picks first semester of freshman year, so it’s fine if you don’t get your perfect schedule! Find the best way for you to take notes! I learned that typing up my notes for each class worked best for me because I have awful handwriting that I can barely read! I recommend trying different things and seeing what works for you! Studying in college is a lot different than studying in high school. Find the library the first week of school. I didn’t make it into the library until my second semester of freshman year. It really is a fantastic place to study and get in the right zone. You can not study at the last minute, procrastination does not work well in college. Try to study a little bit every single day, it will help you so much in the long run and you won’t feel overwhelmed when a test roll round! Same goes for projects and papers!
  • Keep in touch with your family! I call my parents several times a week and talk to allie (my sister) every single day. They will definitely miss you while you are away at college! It’s also important to keep in touch with your high school friends! I try to talk to mine several times a week or so in college, and spend time with them during breaks! It can hard to forget your life back home when you are busy with your new life in college, but don’t forget about your loved ones back home! They will always be there for you and will bring you so much comfort! 
  • Lastly, enjoy freshman year! It was probably the best year of my entire life; I made some great friends and amazing memories! Freshman year was really my year to grow up and mature; it was the biggest learning experience of my entire life. I can’t even begin to explain how much I changed in just the course of those few months; how much I grew up. You see the world in a different way, you understand yourself more than you could ever imagine, and you learn so much about different people. It is truly the year of growing, maturing, and learning. I can tell you this right now, but you are going to mess up freshman year. You are going to make tons of mistakes. You are going to sleep through a class, fail a test, make a wrong friend, forget to do your laundry for a month, kiss the wrong boy, eat way too many late night snacks- and for all those things, you are simply human. People are going to hurt you or betray you and you are going to have to learn to lean on yourself and get through it without the guidance of your family or childhood best friends that were once there to run to after every obstacle. You will realize the kind of friends you want and the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. Choose the people that encourage you to be the best version of you. With so many new people around you, you have so many options for companions and friendships. It’s okay to let ago; this was hard for me freshman year. I think this is my biggest regret of the entire year. I held onto things that didn’t better me or have a positive impact on my life. This was something I didn’t really understand until my sophomore year. It’s okay to let go of friends that bring your down or an old dream that doesn’t seem to fit into your future anymore- things are going to change, and all things will all fall into place the way they should. You will grow so much in not only your independence, but self confidence and self awareness. You will learn patience, acceptance, and equanimity in a new world that at times feels like a chaotic mess. You may feel alone sometimes or confused or overwhelmed-and that’s so normal. This is like the biggest stepping stone of your entire life, and it is an adjustment. You just have to realize that you are not the only one feeling this way, and you’ll get lucky to find those college friends that will hold your hand through it all and be there to listen- especially late at night when some boy breaks your heart or you get homesick or when you’re just terrified for your upcoming presentation in class that you are totally not prepared for. And through all the hard times and the bad nights, you will have the best year of your whole life and look back on the time with the fondest of memories that you will most definitely cherish forever. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and try new things- cliche, but so true. It can be hard to step out of your comfort zone, but this is really your year to explore who you are, what you want, and who you want to be. Freshman year of college is such a unique, exciting experience and there is nothing truly like it- I wish I could experience it all over again (probably why i keep calling sophomore year ‘freshman year part 2’! haha- I am totally living vicariously through my little and all of my other freshman friends). You only have one freshman year of college, so don’t take it for granted. It goes by so, so quickly and it will be over before you even realize it!

I hope those tips could help a little & I wish you the best freshman year!