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Well hello there, our lovely followers! It’s Julie freshust and Vanessa pxradise here and we proudly present you our network “The Fresh Bouquet network”!

We decided to make a network together and we will showcase all the members with different flowers at the page.


  • please be following Julie (freshust) and Vanessa (pxradise) - We can’t force you, but you won’t get picked
  • reblog this post
  • don’t like this post please, only for bookmarking
  • be an active fresh/modern/neon blog


  • tag a post with #freshust, #pxradise and #freshbouquetnetwork and tell a little bit about yourself and why you think you should be in this network (We’ll like once we’ve seen your post)
  • be a fresh/modern/neon blog
  • reblog this post everytime when you see it
  • check out Julies advice blog (so your blog will be more perfect)
  • vote for Vanessa here, and message her so she can remember you
  • message us sometimes if you want to talk <3


  • get to be featured as a flower here (page under construction)
  • you can ask for a promo whenever you want to (except screenies and first 5…)
  • blog advice if wanted/needed
  • lots of new friends and followers
  • group promos with the whole bouquet
  • a follow from the two admins
  • get in a rad group chat!


  • you must be willing to put a badge/link somewhere on your blog (see our hover tabs to see what we mean)
  • we’ll pick when we’re happy with the notes and we will message/ submit/fanmail every member when they get picked :)
  • we’ll pick 20-25 blogs, it all depends from the notes
  • if you’re going to change blogstyles/url, let us know!
  • message Julie and message Vanessa anytime if you have questions about this whole post
  • banner credit goes to this talented lovely

Happy reblogging! And we hope to see you soon! <3

Love, Julie and Vanessa xxx

The Fresh Bouquet Network

Followers ignore please. 

Hi, I’m Ana, 16 and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. I would like to be in this network because I have a fresh blog and my blog was named after the Lotus flower so I think it makes sense I’m in a network with flowers. Also I’m really friendly (I guess..) and I don’t know much about html codes but I can always try to help! About me… I LOVE Teen Wolf, One Direction and Fashion… I think that’s pretty much it. xx

Fresh Bouquet Network!

Hi! I’m Izabella, I’m 21 and I’m from Canada! I’m in my 3rd year of university for psychology and yeah xD I would love to be apart of this network because 1. I love your blogs. 2. I love to meet new people/blogs. 3. I am pretty decent with HTML so I would not mind helping the members out. 4. I am fairly a new blog, so it would be awesome to get my blog name out there and this would be an awesome opportunity. I would really love to contribute to this blog. Thanks for the consideration and good luck choosing :) Btw I voted for Vanessa and was number 387. I am also following the advice blog :)

*ignore this please* :)
Hi! My name is Katherine C. I am 13 years old. I’m from California. I speak fluent English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Taiwanese.

My URL is: aquxtic.tumblr.com

Here’s a little about me :)

I love food. Especially sushi, Caesar Salad, and pizza.
I am also very passionate about photography. I own a Nikon D5000 and a GR digital.
Some of my favorite bands/singers are… I don’t actually have a favorite. Whenever I’m in the mood for something happy I will play some upbeat songs and when I’m sad I’ll listen to sad songs
I play volleyball and swim
Some instruments that I play are the piano, guitar, ukelele, and the clarinet.
I have a small obsession with lip glosses/lip balms o.o
That’s about every small detail about me

The reason I’m applying is to meet new, interesting, and fun people from all these blogs and be able to talk to them and have fun :) I also want to meet all of these people and talk to them to get advice because they all seem really cool and experienced. I also want to feel like I’m a part of something and the Fresh Bouquet Network seems like the perfect thing :)

The Fresh Bouquet network~

Followers, please ignore xx

Hello! My name is Alia. Im going to be 17 in four months. I’m from Malaysia and I am obsessed with Harry Styles!

First of all i think your blogs is fabulously amazing! Being apart of your network would be an honor because to be featured by such outstanding blogs would be wonderful.

Heres a few things about my blog :
• i’m an active blog
• fresh/neon/modern
• always on queue. ALWAYS

This network would be perf for me as i would love to make new friends. I really hope you pick me x

FRESH BOUQUET NETWORK (followers please ignore)

Hello to the lovely Julie and Vanessa! I am Issy and I have a fresh/modern blog who is very active and would very much love to be part of your Fresh Bouquet Network! I think its such a cute idea that is new and innovative. The reason I would love to be part of this network is because I would love to met new friends with the same blog type as me and share all of our lovely blogs to our followers! I absolutely love both of your blogs (I think they are amazing) and think it would be a fabulous opportunity to be part of this network! Thank your for considering me! Lots of love xxxxx

Fresh bouquet network

Hi lovelies :) I’m applying for your network!

You already kind of know me, but anyway, i’m a 15’year old dansih girl, who likes to read, be with friends, watch series, listen to music, and the internet (tumblr obviously, haha) ^.^ I’d like to apply for your network, because you’re both so friendly, kind and helpful :) Ily guys! And also, being featured as a flower in a bouquet would be freaking awesome :) I love the network idea! Aaaaaand, i love networks and group chats and stuff ;)

I hope that i have a chance guys, bye bye ^.^ xx

FRESH BOUQUET NETWORK *followers ignore*

Hiii Julie and Vanessa, I’m Sara! I’d love to be a flower on your bouquet because I think that’s such a genuinely nice idea!!! I have a fresh/modern blog and I’m super active. I’d love to meet new people and make new friends among all the beautiful flowers that you’ll choose. Thanks for considering me, have a lovely day/night!!! xx

**Followers may ignore**

Hi guys! My name is Maria and I’m a 15 year old girl living in Madeira Island, Portugal (: My hobbies include exercising, watching series and movies (horror and comedy especially), reading and ofc, tumblr ** I own a very active fresh/neon blog since September of the last year and I would love to be apart of this network because, first of all, both your blog are amazing and because I love meting people and I think a network is a great way to meet others (: I hope you pick me for this network ^^ 


Dear Julie & Vanessa,

first of all I love both of your blogs and I follow them of course!

My fresh blog is really new (made it yesterday) and yea I’m looking for some networks to get to know people, help them, do promos etc.

My name is Eva, 19 years and I come from Germany. I love dancing, listening to music and meeting friends. I’m obsessed with Jake Miller and love the colors turquoise and pink.

Lots of love and I’d like to hear from you,

xx Eva

Followers can ignore :)

Hiii Julie & Vanessa!
I’m Meije, as you probably know already ; ), I’d love to be a part of your bouquet because I love fresh blogs and I want to discover new blogs and meet the owners. I’m really bad with posts like this so yeah I guess I’ll end it here before I make it worse oops.

(I already voted for you Vanessa, and I think you’re going to win, according to the amount of votes you already have hihihi)

x Meije

Fresh Bouquet Network

Hey beauties!

So a bit about myself: My name is Ashley, I’m 15 and from Australia :) Things that I love to do would probably be reading, drawing, listening to music- so anything really that makes me feel relaxed or “tranquillized” (like my username, hahah) ;)

Anyways, I would loovee to be a part of this network because I’m a fresh blog that is looking to make some awesome friends + meet amazing people with the same blogstyle as mine. I would also love the chance to get blog advice, do promos and even help out others. This network seems really FUN so I hope you pick me :D

Thank youu. xo

The Fresh Bouquet network: update

I’m going to choose 12 members of The Fresh Bouquet network! Vanessa (pxradise) will choose the other 11 members :)

Keep on reblogging! http://freshust.tumblr.com/post/83084564613/dont-delete-the-text-only-the-picture-will-show