And I realised that Gerard had never been hugged that way. I should’ve seen it in the eyes. Eyes hold so many secrets. His held more than you could imagine. And they were beautiful
—  Frank Iero in Oxen Appetite - Frerard story 

ghoulfrnk said:

I'm not sure where to find the frerard stuff, it was in an interview for the nerdist podcast, though. Personally I do not believe frerard is still a thing at all; their relationships aren't very public so it's hard to tell but honestly it's out of trust in Frank and Gerard that I believe they really do love their wives and are happy. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a thing at some point (I mean, they at least fucked like seriously) and I may or may not read fanfics a lot cause I suck oops

Yeah, I definitely don’t think it’s a thing now—I say “is/was” real because I think Frank could still have feelings for him, but who knows. I believe something happened in the past, though. Haha, yeah. I’ve never liked Frerard as a pairing for some reason. It just bores me. I enjoy Frikey, though (even though it’s rare now.)