frenchshinhwachangjo answered your questionWould anyone recommend the drama ‘Que Sera Sera’?

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It’s a bit complicated, because the people who have seen this drama have either loved or hated, if you like dramas ”heartstring” style, I do not really counsel you, he is more mature.
Count me among the people who loved this drama, not especially for Eric, but more to the style of drama, much mature than the other

Sorry for my bad english ^ ^’

Oh ok. And yeah, I’ve heard about the drama’s 'mood/vibe’ and I can handle dramas that are intense, but as long as it’s not too serious I can watch it. Thanks for your input! :)


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Shinhwa is in a karaoke show and Minwoo sings “Besame Mucho” (meaning = Kiss me a lot) he refers during the song at Junjin and then when the song ends they are holding hands, so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!

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Maybe one day you will understand!

I’m sick of seeing nasty comments, especially when it comes from people who know nothing in the history of Shinhwa and SHCJ.

We are just crazy for a color? Why do fans want to use this color while the group is not dissolved That’s the real question! These people would never have had the idea to use red or blue so why orange? In addition it is not the first time that SHCJ face this situation, maybe one day you will understand why we are so protectives when your group will face the same situation!

Meanwhile here’s an example:

“The thing we want is to protect Shinhwa’s internship and orange color, not the number of fans we have.” by Kim Dongwan                                                                                                                               

PS : I really did not revive “the controversy”, but I saw a comment very recent and really bad on a video of Shinhwa.

Junjin xD i can’t stop to laugh ^^

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