Wishlist Wednesday | Miniature Food Jewelry by DollFood Miniatures.

If you recall a miniature-box-of donuts ring from my post on Donut Day, you may have already followed the link and discovered the wonderful world of miniature food jewelry that is DollFood Miniatures’ Etsy page. But if you haven’t, I’d like to introduce the cutest lil’ pieces ever, carefully handmade by Russian shop-owners Milla and Olya Li.

I’ve picked out some of my favourites pieces:

1) Pancakes with Berries Ring - £17.46

2) Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Stud Earrings - £12.26

3) Croissants Stud Earrings - £7.66

4) Coffee Beans Stud Earrings - £7.35

5) Mandarin Stud Earrings - £14.40

6) Figs Stud Earrings - £23.29

7) French Dessert Stud Earrings - Set of Earrings Post - Croissant, Macaron, Profiterole and Strawberry Tart - £18.38

8) Turkish Delight - Traditional Turkish dessert - in a beautiful oriental box  - (sold out)

9) French Violet Petal Jam - (sold out)

10) Sicilian Lemons Earrings - (sold out)

I can’t believe how sweet these are! So tiny but still so detailed. For those who love macarons, DollFood Miniatures makes French Macaron studs in nine different shades.. Aww.. 

You can purchase them here

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