french king


The taper was extinguished. On this signal the Body Guards, pages, and equerries mounted on horseback, and all was ready for setting off. The Dauphin was with the Dauphiness. They were expecting together the intelligence of the death of Louis XV. A dreadful noise, absolutely like thunder, was heard in the outer apartment; it was the crowd of courtiers who were deserting the dead sovereign’s antechamber, to come and do homage to the new power of Louis XVI. This extraordinary tumult informed Marie Antoinette and her husband that they were called to the throne; and, by a spontaneous movement, which deeply affected those around them, they threw themselves on their knees; both, pouring forth a flood of tears, exclaimed: “O God! guide us, protect us; we are too young to reign.”


Some sketches for one of my upcoming projects ! The caracters are King Francis the 1st (in 1515 he was only 20 years old ^^), a rich and important bourgeois living in the Franch city of Lyon, and his young and pretty wife… see the drama upcoming ? XDD

For their clothing I made some researches and found out that french and english women used to dress the same way : Tudor dresses for everyone !