It’s been a very long time since I’ve done this and I’ve got to make up for that! 8 78)9

I know there’s a lot going on in the world that paints only a grim reality we live in. And I hope you all keep safe, warm, and fight for your beliefs! As for me, I’m reflecting quietly on the things I’m thankful for.

So here’s my shout out to all my followers! ’ 7’)9 Thank you all so very much!

To all my new followers, I don’t know what convinced you to hit that follow button, but I’m so very happy and honored you did! * 7*)9 I go by Roi, like the boy’s name Roy, tho as I found out “roi” also means king in French, which made me love my name even more lmfao. I’m a floundering adult whose a little shy and scared of new things, but hey, I try.

U vU)9 You have probably figured out fast that I’m a big fan of horror and the macabre. I have been since I was a small child. That extends into my art and I’ve taken a liking to yandere and yangire types, tho I find it more fascinating to analyze why they took that path more than anything else. //// As for series, I’m continuously crying over Gintama and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, all the time. I don’t care I’ll still be crying over both 100 years into my grave after they’ve ended ((spoiler alert, JJBA will never end, Araki is using the ripple after all)).

Currently I’m really into, other than Gintama and JJBA: Donten ni Warau, PKMN, Siren, Persona, Shuuen no Shiori and Kagepro. I’m also suuuuper into RPG horrors, to the point I’ve cosplayed Aya from Mad Father. /// I also had an Alfred with me, as well as an Ib, Mary and Garry ahahah. ///

U vU)9 That’s enough about me tho, ahaha. Other than that, I’m an avid abuser of emoticons and you’ll know if I don’t use any in a post I’m either really mad, really depressed, or on my phone bc that thing is crappy when it comes to writing text wow.

* 7*! But yes. Thank you to all my new followers! I tend to have rashes where I post a lot then sometimes I’ll only post once a day for weeks on end. It all depends. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the works I have to offer! Thank you once more!

As for my old followers, idk how you put up with me, but it brings a small smile to my face. I never thought I’d be the sort of person that anybody other than close friends would bother with. Even now, I find it hard to believe people that are too shy to talk to me still want to see things by me. 8//v//8 It gives me a small burst of motivation that is desperately needed sometimes!

U vU)9 Some of you have been following me since I first made this side blog, and you guys are troopers! It’s been a struggle getting to this point, but I’m ready to keep on moving forward! And I hope you all continue to move forward with me!

It’s been a rough patch lately. I know not just for me, but for a whole bunch of us. I’m a little shy and tbch, I’m not always home ((I’m notorious for disappearing from my home for sometimes 4-5 days at a time every other week)). But if you ever need to talk, I’m lurking around here or on Twitter.

Thank you all once more for the support you have given me! ; v; I’m hoping to maybe start a project to overlap my current one. I definitely need a hobby or something to keep my mind busy, so I’m hoping to maybe completely plan out one of my stories coherently to make into a comic? * 7*)9 I think that’d be pretty rad!

I can only hope to be a pleasure on your dashes. ; 7; Now go and enjoy the rest of your day! Relax. Stay warm. Stay safe. And thank you once again, everybody! U vU


BOBBED HAIR HAS COME TO STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tonsorial Artist: A Text-book for Barbers and Hairdressers, 1924

Contents -

Forward / Bobbed Hair Style Chart / Methods of Bobbing Hair in Up-to-Date Styles / Boyish Bob / Straight Shingle / Wavy Shingle / Natural Curly Shingle / King Tut / French Bob / Sweetheart / Baby Sweetheart / Sheik Bob / Pineapple Bob / Lee Bob / Castle / Vallie / Valentino / Dutch Bob / Lady / Broadway / Cha Ming Bob / Senorita / Diella / Daddy / Dolly / Baby Cut / Popular Hair Cut Styles for Men / Short Pomp / Valentino / Buster Brown / Sport / Professional Trim / Business Trim / Boyish Pomp / Barbers and Beauty Culturists! ‘Make Your Show Window Pay Your Rent’ / Advertising Cuts for Barber Shops and Beauty Parlors / Advertising Specialties for Barver Shops and Beauty Parlors / Changeable ‘Price List’, for Barber Shops / Slides for Motion Picture Advertising / Chaingeable “No Waiting” Sign, for Barber Shops / ”Handy Bobbed Hair Style Chart” for your Patrons / Instruments and Materials / Advertisements