Evening Dresses



The empire style of a straight column of drapery and a high waist was high fashion especially in the years 1912 and 1913. Heavy fringe on delicate fabrics was popular, too, like the white silk fringe and silver beaded fringe on the sleeves and on the train of the green dress. The bodice is trimmed with pale pink pearls and pink chiffon rose buds. The other evening gown has similar proportions with the high waist and short sleeves, although the shape is less angular and more curved, like the swirling feathers “drawn” on the net overskirt in black and silver sequins. However soft they both look, they both are boned in the bodice. Both dresses belonged to Florence Elizabeth Hopwood ‘11 who married the widowed tycoon, Charles William Gates soon after her graduation. Both dresses are likely made in France. (Smith College Historic Clothing Collection)

Smith College Historic Clothing Collection


Wakfu Netflix update!

Ankama was contacted by Netflix to ask about the possibility of including French audio with English subs in the US, and adding English audio and English subtitles to several countries that previously only had French available.

Naturally, we’re working with them to make this happen, although we can’t give you an ETA right now, as the ultimate responsibility is up to Netflix, not us. Still, it looks like it’s going to happen, just as many of you requested!

Nice work, folks, have a transparent Cleophee for your dash. <3

also plz watch, rate, and review on Netflix if you have it. Even if you don’t like the dub, the more people who watch, the better chance we’ll have to get S2 and beyond on Netflix with the original French audio and English subs. Thanks. <3

Isadora Duncan dancing at the Gaieté-Lyrique theater, Paris 1909. Published in the magazine L’Illustration, Paris, on 22 May 1909. Auguste François-Marie Gorguet (French, 1862-1927). Bibliothèque Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris.

It was after one of these shows that Paris Singer, the wealthy heir to the Singer sewing machine empire, appeared at Isadora’s dressing room. With Singer’s marriage on the rocks, they embarked on a passionate affair. In September 1909, while in Venice, she found she was pregnant.

Je suis un intellectuel. Ça m’agace qu’on fasse de ce mot une insulte : les gens ont l’air de croire que le vide de leur cerveau leur meuble les couilles.
—  Simone de Beauvoir, “Les Mandarins”