rire dans sa barbe

(noun) This French, untranslatable phrase is the most relatable occurrence in human nature. Has anybody ever caught you laughing by yourself? Most likely they have and thought you were a little strange! This word describes this exact moment, to laugh at oneself quietly while remembering or retelling a past event in your mind. If you ask us, it is quite satisfying to know there is a word for this most delightful instance.

  • literally: to laugh in your beard

Stromae - Carmen

If you like good music and french animation, then this is your luck. Enjoy this little piece of beauty.

Vocabulaire espagnol

cortés (adj) - courtois, poli (adj) - courteous, polite

indiferencia (nf) - indifférence (nf) - indifference 

hueco (nm) - creux (nm) - gap, space, opening, hollow, cavity

amable (adj) - aimable (adj) - polite, well-mannered, friendly

mezquindad (nf) - mesquinerie (nf) - meanness, nastiness 

afecto (nm) - affection (nf) - fondness, affection 

intenso (adj) - intense (adj) - powerful, strong, intense 

demostrar (v) - démontrer (v), manifester (v) - to show, demonstrate 

afable (adj) - affable, avenant (adj) -  affable, good-natured, sociable

You are beautiful. Remember that.

Wewe ni nzuri. Kumbuka kwamba.
Du bist schön. Beachten Sie, dass.
Ikaw ay maganda. Tandaan na iyon. あなたは美しいです。それを忘れないでください。
Jy is pragtig. Onthou dat.
Eres hermosa. Recuerde que.
你很美丽. 记住这一点.
Vous êtes belle. Ne oubliez pas que.
Sei bello. Ricordate che.
איר זענען שיין. געדענק אַז. Ты красивая. Помните об этом.
أنت جميلة. تذكر ذلك.