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Recently i watched Arashi no Yoru ni (because i got curious about your post). Now i am stuck in feels about a frickin goat and a wolf. Thanks, Miss..

You are very welcome! ;) Haha!
It really is amazing! And gives you all the feels! X3

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(For that first impression thing) My first impression of you were: "Oh she draws so many cute Cryaotic fanart," "She has cute OCs" "Pretty art!" , and on the first day, after i followed you, my dash was suddenly full of cute stuff, pretty scenery photos, and free!IWSC (nope, that's not a bad impression)

Oh my gosh I’m glad you like my art haha ;7;

lmao i am gome n and sweats,,, free!, , ,, ,,, a ahHAa AHAaaa // rUNS INTO THE SUNSET U WILL NEVER FIND MEEEEEEeeeee

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1, 2, 7, 10 :D (sorry not sorry www)

1. The meaning behind my url
Lol it’s just basically delicious + ellicchi (my nickname(?)) combined :DDDD

2. A picture of me
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) //runs away and hides

7. Biggest turn offs
ALSO THAT SHITTY THING CALLED REPAIR ON TOURABU DHAFSJKLUWI (Lol sorry I’ve been really into Tourabu these days… I blame it on you)

10. Biggest turn ons
Patting on the head and playing with hair uhhhh Idk fahsdajsdhaskdl //my deepest secret revealed omG

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Cloudjumper or Stormfly?

you              GOT IT!!!

IT’S CLOUDJUMPER!! CONGRATULATIONS *Hug you tight* and here we have the whole list!!

1. Bossun (Sket Dance)

2.Ishida Uryu (Bleach)



5. Cry (Cryaotic)

6.Cloudjumper (Httyd)

7.Maka Albarn(Soul Eater)

8.Thornado (Httyd)

9.The Doctor (Doctor who)

10.Jodie and Aiden Holmes (Beyond two souls)

Thank you for playing everyone! :) and sorry if I spamming your dash! it was fun!

4 days into touken ranbu, current status: Got 3 rare tachi, one of them is the Kakaka sword, complete hijikata sword, got like 2 Imanotsurugi, 2 Midare, 3 Aizen, 2 Yamanbagiri, 2 Hachisuke, 2 gokotai, and a ton of Toshirou.

My friends said that my luck is a bit scary (because i got Izuminokami first and have 3 rare tachi in my party). However, still no luck on getting Nakigitsune..

Help me please how the fuck did you guys got Nakigitsune

Finally i got Ookurikara and Yamatonokami, thus completing my Okitagumi collection. Nooow, its time to search for Nagasone Kotetsu..aaaand Tsurumaru. Still no luck on getting Shishiou tho.

On the other hand, i got terrorized by Kashuus. Yes Kashuus because i got like 5 Kashuu already