How I Keep My Game Functioning

I made this for my friend, Alysson, who just denounced TS3 in a fiery fit of frustration. I wanted to list all the things I do to avoid lags, freezing, and crashes. Sadly, I have to use a lot of mods and third-party software to make the game functional, but luckily, once everything is set up, there’s not much to do because of my regular computer maintenance. I rarely get a crash, but sometimes I get some random corruption and have to reinstall. Apparently, this could happen no matter what, so I keep backups of my games for quick reinstall.

Note: I’ve tried to avoid basic computer maintenance and CC stuff in this list (although there’s a bit at the bottom).


  • Fix maxed Memory Crashes
  • Use Error Trap and Overwatch (seriously! also, no custom worlds unless you use these).
  • Use Register to reduce the amount of tourists, paparazzi, random animals, etc.
  • Intermittent freezing is usually caused by routing errors (ErrorTrap/Overwatch will help you find problem lots - late night apartments are HUGE routing disasters).Use the resetsim * cheat to reset every Sim to their home position.
  • Use MasterController to use CAS in compact form.
  • Backup saves! Use SaveCleaner. This is necessary for legacies.
  • Clear your caches before every session (just takes a second)
  • Back up your digital downloads and reinstall painlessly without redownloading! (Use Decrap to uninstall.)
  • Make sure custom lots/worlds aren’t over cluttered or have routing issues. I keep houses I’m not playing as sparsely furnished as possible.
  • For default worlds, download versions with routing issues fixed (EA worlds are filled with issues). 
  • Getting lag when your sim has to change clothes? (Going outside in winter, getting into bed, going to work, etc.) It should only happen the first time you do each of these actions or load a new outfit, but just pause your game for 10-20 seconds and let the outfit preload. Instead of wasting sim-time loading the outfit. :)

Custom Content

  • Use Bulk Rename Utility to remove all spaces and non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Convert all Sims3Packs to Package files using this tool.
  • Compress your packages (I normally have one file for buy, build, hair, clothing, etc) Note: Never compress mods, patterns, or skintones).

P.S. It’s super, super sad that this is what it takes to play a game I PAID for. The base game + all EPS (not including SPs/store content) is like $400 if you bought at release time.