• AL:When people come to see you live, what should they expect to see?
  • Devendra:A lot of pregnant people. There will be pregnancies. There will be babies. There will be little kids with big bellies. A lot of birthing and placentas. The floor will be one huge starry black placenta.

Introducing CaitlinReader!

This week we lost our beloved GoogleReader. For many of us, our lives will never be the same.

That is why I have created CaitlinReader: a way for us to share the stories, videos, pictures and GIFs that really matter.

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Paulie D(og)

Prairie Dog Ballerina

How to Make The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Wythe to Open in May

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Win Win

McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor) has now made three movies about adults who are down on their luck, only to find themselves settling back into a quiet happiness after the introduction and reluctantly formed friendship of a surprise visitor. His movies have a way of ending without stopping, fading to black in the middle of perfectly realized moments between people who will continue living, breathing, losing, and winning long after we’ve finished rooting for them.

Win Win was released today and I wrote about Win Win for FREEwilliamsburg. Read it if you’re awesome.

(photo, Jerry Yates)

Who would you rather see in concert: Fleet Foxes, or the Walkmen? HASH caught both groups in Brooklyn back in September, during the final show of the Williamsburg Waterfront series:

                                                                                      * * *

“Fleet Foxes built a galvanizing, if not monolithic set that teetered between the ornate Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop), released earlier this year, and the group’s remarkable leap from the gate in 2008…”

- Issue 3, p24


well, my parents are white…obviously.

humans kill me. 

This is horrifying. A beautiful 1890’s mansion in Bushwick has been turned into a ‘Trip House’, used for throwing ragers and defaced with moronic graffiti. This isn’t cool or artistic, it’s digusting, and if I ever meet one of the guys responsible, he’ll spend the afternoon with my stiletto in his neck. 

Read the article and see the photographs here: