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1. My name is Tony
2. My URL is: The94thchamber
3. My blog’s name is: Welcome to my domain and the name is Tony
4. Have a crush? yes
5. Favorite color: Blue
6. Write something in all caps: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!?!?
7.favorite band or singer? KRS-one, Eminem, The Roots, Toro y moi, Childish Gambino, Earth Wind and Fire, Vicente, Billie Holiday, etc.
8. Favorite number: 5 

9. Favorite drink: Water, Tea (green or Lipton), 1/2 apple 1/2 orange w/pulp, horchata, and Grape cider.
10. Tag ten people: mmfoodandliquor, an7drea, passin-me-by, freestyleyourdestiny, xwestcoastshitx, theegreatgoldenbaby, domomar, thecrazyduckgirl, thefirewithinher, killafornialiving, theeunseen-one. big-mac-stacs

i honestly think that any type of relationship should be 50/50. the fuck do i look like putting in more effort when obviously the other person isnt even willing to put half? fuck outta here with that shit. i am done trying to keep people in my life that dont want to be there. if you dont wanna be here, get to steppin, no one’s gonna hold you back, certainly not me, not anymore. you wanna be part of my life, put the fuckin work in, otherwise dont waste my time.

Taste My Thoughts

Here’s my theory on why women get all caught up with assholes and kick nice guys to the curb based on observations. When a nice guy likes a girl, he’ll do anything to keep her happy. With that in mind, he won’t want to upset her or make her mad so when shit hits the fan, he’ll just hand over the fight in fear that he’ll lose her. Well no, baby, you gotta put that woman in her damn place when she’s wrong. Call her on her shit, don’t be submissive my nigga. DO YOU KNOW HOW HOT IT IS WHEN I KNOW I’M WRONG BUT I WANNA STAND MY GROUND CAUSE I’M STUBBORN AND YOU CALL ME OUT AND PUT ME IN MY PLACE??? Sometimes nice guys are too nice. No woman wants to wear the pants in the relationship, at least I know I don’t. There needs to be a balance. Guys be the nice asshole. Treat her right and make her happy BUT DON’T let her make you her puppet. And that my friends, is why women go for assholes.