freepair Review

    I’m back ya’ll! First of all I know I haven’t posted in forever but I was swamped with a different job and school and my computer has become a brick because it sooooo slow! I have way to many things on it so it doesn’t function to it’s fullest potential. Anyway, I’ve actually being wanting to review a lot of things among them are : glossy box, popsugar must have box, bark box and Iv’e also been couponing a lot now and I’m devoting a whole post on how to get started on couponing. Anyway, moving on… I wanna talk about

  As I said before I am always on a budget because I only have a partime job so I’m not making much. I wear glasses and contacts and when it comes to glasses trying to save money is hard because the frames themselves are $50+. I used to buy glasses at Walmart but even then I was looking at $100+ for basic frames with basic lenses. I don’t support Walmart’s ethics so I decided to look elsewhere and I went to Costco. I got a pair for about $120, considerably cheap for glasses but still pricey, then one day I came across a post on facebook for is a site for glasses and they have this incredible deal where you can get your first pair for free! The only thing you pay for is shipping and handling. Which, depending on the glasses you pick, can be as low as $8! All you need is your prescription. I LOVE THIS DEAL AND IT’S LEGIT! I tell everyone I can because you will never find glasses for this price. These glasses come to you in a cute box with a glasses case and cleaning cloth and solution. I got my pair last year and I am really happy with them. They got to me fairly quickly about 5 days. If you wanna know how to get a free pair keep reading.

    To get your pair all you have to do is go to and click on the tab that says “free pair”. You then just pick your frames and put in your prescription they even have a “help” button that gives you an example on how to input it. Then you choose your lenses, you can choose basic, or get a coating for scratches or get the “gold” package that has premuim coating. At checkout you wanna use the code “firstpairfree” and then all you will have to pay for is shipping. Again, depending on how much your frames and lenses are is how much you’ll pay for shipping but even by getting the premium coating you would be paying about $60. That’s about half the price of FRAMES anywhere else. 

You can only use this for your first pair with them and since I got mine last year I can’t get anymore this year, BUT they have a great deal where you get 2 pairs for $95. That’s two pairs of glasses (frames and lenses) with premium coating and FREE SHIPPING for $95! Everyone who wears glasses knows they need an extra pair. you can use that link and enter “2for95” at checkout. Here is a picture of me when I got my glasses.

 I hope you guys get a free pair and share it with other people. If you have any questions or comments or feedback please ask :D

Have a great day! 

Less is always more,