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Oh my god I’m sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner, it got lost in all the prompts in my inbox!

But yes. Never as fun as people think it will be. Because Florida…Florida doesn’t play by other people’s rules. He lies.

He always takes a shot for the things he has done, (He wouldn’t cheat) but sometimes he takes shots for things he hasn’t. Especially if he thinks it’s funny, or would cause amusing expressions on his companions’ faces.

And he comes up with the most strange and/or fucked up shit for his turn, until everyone is uncomfortable (Except for Wyoming, who knows what he’s doing and thinks it’s hysterical) and suggests a new game.

Having difficulty with a paper? Want someone to edit your paper for grammar, content, and accuracy?

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We’re starting a game right now! Room password is alpha.

Freelancers Currently Playing:

Decks In Play:

  • First Version, Second Version, Third Version
  • First Expansion, Second Expansion, Third Expansion, Fourth Expansion
  • 10 Blank White Cards
  • Rooster Teeth Custom Deck
  • Cards Against RWBY Custom Deck

Score and Players:

  • 15 Awesome Points needed to win
  • 10 players at a time
  • 10 spectators

Joining up? Please drop me a line with your tumblr URL and character so that I can add you to the list above!

Game starts when we have six players.

This post will hopefully be a condensed explanation on why I consider Michael J. Caboose to be the most emotionally taxing RVB character.

Most of the other characters are far from heroes. In fact, quite a number of them are assholes in some way or another. In addition to that, a lot of them have more or less been taken for a ride already. We’ve seen what’s happened to them and how they handle the sort of mental trauma inflicted upon them. 

Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing. And in Caboose’s case, we’ve already seen glimpses of him near emotional breakdowns. We’ve seen the sort of depression he falls into whenever Church leaves, not to mention that lovely little line from Season 12: “I am an emotional timebomb!” 

Couple that fear of not knowing what Caboose could be in for with the fact that he is by far the sweetest, kindest character in a sea of war and misfits. Caboose has seen the results of mindless bloodshed, psychological torture and civil war and he STILL manages to be upbeat and optimistic. Even Wash tiptoes around bad news because he’s afraid of breaking his “surprisingly fragile” heart. 

Now hopefully you can understand why thinking about Michael J. Caboose leaves me in a state of perpetual anxiety. 

The Workaholic Pedestal

We freelancers have a tendency to never truly be away from our work, regardless of the time or day of the week.  Especially if like me, your work station is in your home.  We work long hours and dedicate ourselves fully to whatever project we have at hand.  We loose sleep, skip social gatherings, eat whatever is quick and easy so we can get back to work. I have noticed that there is a sense of pride in general among freelancers that we are so in love with our work that we can dedicate ourselves this way.  Passion for your chosen profession is definitely a plus!

However, I have also observed a downside to this part of freelancing.  That dedication can cross the line into an unhealthy workaholic lifestyle, and other freelancers actually encourage it.  There is an underlying unspoken rule in freelancer culture that if you’re not working, you’re slacking.  I’ve seen other freelancers take subtle stabs at their peers for taking time off to see family, to tend to daily life, or to just have a day (or three) to simply BREATHE and do something other than art. Doing things like comparing your work load with others’ work load, making yourself out to be the harder working one.  Referring to things like showering, cooking, and cleaning as “free time” or “vacation”.  It creates or adds to guilt surrounding work, which is really not a nice thing to do to your friends and peers. 

The disclaimer here is that clearly not every freelancer does this, and I think those that do are not being purposefully malicious, so please don’t misread this as an attack.  I’m guilty of playing into this myself, we are just falling into a part of the starving artist stereotype;  The idea that your chosen craft/art must encompass ALL of your being, every day and every moment for you to truly be passionate about it. 

The truth is, there IS life outside of art and work, and it’s not a contest. We are living beings that must eat and sleep, and we are social animals that must have a connection with others.  So not only do we HAVE to do things other than art, but it’s also ok to spend time doing other things that make you happy.  It doesn’t mean you are less passionate about your work, or that other artists who spend more time on theirs love it more.

And yes, there are deadlines we must work under.  But none of us want to be starving artists. None of us enjoy loosing sleep, eating crappy or skipping meals, working our fingers to the bone, letting friendships fall apart…  These are not good things.  You aren’t a cooler or more a passionate artist for making those sacrifices.  So I think instead of putting that lifestyle on a pedestal, we should be encouraging one another to take time to care for ourselves, and to have a life outside of their work. Just like anyone else doing any other kind of work.  =)

How to Negotiate a Contract Like a Cartoonist

Want to learn how to improve your negotiation skills?

Watch other people negotiate.

“But Katie, that sounds boring! And possibly worse than suffering through the last episode of Lost.”

Perhaps. But not when Penny Arcade does it!

Strip SearchPenny Arcade‘s reality show, pits 12 cartoonists against one another to battle it out for a chance to win $15K and a year embedded at the Penny Arcade studio.

Last Friday’s challenge? Contract negotiations.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the episode to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of negotiating contracts on your own.

Read the rest of the post on the blog!


My Friend miles-the-lunatic won my [extremely] little follower giveaway and was given a free commission in which I must draw whatever he asks me to. Unfortunately for Matt, being my friend, I decided to interpret his request a little…differently.
(I’ll be frank; the file is twice the size than Tumblr is letting the default view allow. Though all anyone is really missing out on are Theta’s sick skateboard skills all the little AI’s faces)

They made an attempt to look cool together. Of course, that will rarely happen, knowing how they are.
(Just imagine a family photo going wrong)

RvB (c) Rooster Teeth

Don’t steal my art. It’s mean.



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Due to a lot of setbacks and personal life issues, my husband and I haven’t been able to move out. We’re down to $150 in my bank account and we’ve got bills coming up. He’s still trying to find a job, so at the moment I’m the only one who can make money.

So! I came up with a quick, easy commission type that I know you guys will love! These only take me a few hours (at most) for each character, and since I’m not worrying about backgrounds it takes so much stress off me. If I could just get a small handful of these a week it would make such a difference right now.

I’m a full-time freelance artist at the moment so this is the only means of income I have, and I’m very anxious right now because of our financial situation. If you guys would reblog or let some friends know, that’d be great! I’d really love to illustrate your characters for you.



Headcanon that the reason Maine and Wash were so close was because Wash was one of the few who didn’t act fearful when with him. Just about the entirety of the Mother of Invention shit their pants at the mere knowledge of sharing a spaceship with him, and with it being the norm to warn rookies about crossing him when they first come aboard, I seriously think he appreciates Wash being dorky and lively enough to start joking around with him, begin carrying out conversations even though he himself doesn’t contribute, and even the eventual childish lobbing of stuff and insults at him when he’s being a butt because it gives Maine a sense of normalcy and of being something else other than the scary guy.

Bonus: No one realizes this is just Maine and Wash being friendly and all the other Agents think Wash is just really dumb and doesn’t understand the thin line he’s walking on and it is just a matter of time until Maine rips his head off.

Super Bonus: They try to give him an intervention.